May 312011

Ships That Changed The World is a beautifully designed five-coin series depicting historic sailing ships.

Scheduled for release between May 2011 and February 2012, the five 1oz silver proof coins portray Santa Maria, Golden Hind, Mayflower, USS Constitution, and Cutty Sark.


The first release honours the Santa Maria, the largest of three ships used by Christopher Columbus on his first voyage (1492 – 1493) across the Atlantic.


If you’d like to collect the complete series, there’s still time to take out a subscription.

Subscription Benefits

The major benefit of a subscription is that it guarantees you all five coins. That’s important when the demand for coins is particularly hot. Knowing the complete series is safely reserved in your name makes taking out a subscription a reassuring move.

Then there’s the convenience. With a subscription you can relax in the knowledge that each of your coins will be automatically dispatched on issue.

(It is important for some subscribers to know that they can cancel their subscription at any time, should the need arise).

Packaging Options

In the case of Ships That Changed The World, a subscription provides another major benefit for collectors.

You might want your five silver coins to come in individual presentation packaging together with a BONUS storage sleeve.

Alternatively, as a subscriber, you can opt to receive your coins in capsules only and house the complete series in a FREE five-coin presentation case!

For more information about the first release Santa Maria and how to take out a series subscription, click here.

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May 302011

Celebrating the release of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, we have issued three new coloured commemoratives portraying the characters of Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Megatron.

Purchased individually, each coin costs $115.

Alternatively, The Perth Mint is offering the ‘Transformers Trio’ as a single purchase for $299 – representing a saving of $46!

Each coin is struck from 1oz of 99.9% pure silver in proof quality.

The Perth Mint will release no more than 5,000 Bumblebee coins, 5,000 Optimus Prime coins and 5,000 Megatron coins – each in individual presentation packaging.

May 242011

Collecting coins made by The Perth Mint is a rewarding pastime for many people. There’s certainly a diverse range of historic and modern commemoratives to choose from.

The first coins made in Perth were gold sovereigns. Featuring our distinctive ‘P’ mintmark, more than 100 million were produced between 1899 and 1931. Even so, completing a full set can be a challenging prospect to even the most experienced collector.

Australian pre-decimal coins made in Perth include silver shillings, pennies and half-pennies. Later, the Mint prepared the way for decimalisation in 1966 with vast numbers of 1 cent and 2 cents coins, which stayed in circulation until 1992.

There was a momentous shift in emphasis in the 1980s, however, when the Australian Government authorised The Perth Mint to produce the nation’s official precious metal coin program.

The first coin to be made under the agreement was the famous Australian Nugget. As well as being offered in unpackaged, bullion quality for investors, an extremely limited number of stunning proof quality versions were released in special presentation packaging for collectors.

The silver Australian Kookaburra was the second series to be issued in what has subsequently become one of the most extensive ranges of  modern collectable coins in the world.

Today, The Perth Mint releases new collector releases every month. Keeping up with the all themes, innovations, sizes, metals and mintages, not to mention sell-outs, near sell-outs and special offers is quite a challenge.

Here we’ll cover just about everything a Perth Mint coin collector needs to know. Bringing together all the news from our websites, new product bulletins, newsletters and more, it provides one super convenient location… to which you can add your thoughts and comments too!

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