May 262011

Take up of all 500 kilo coins in addition to 5,000 1oz coins and 1,000 Three-Coin Sets means the Australian Lunar – 2011 Silver Proof Coin Series is fully sold out at the Mint.


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  1. Kidndly advise on the following questions about the 5 OZ Koala high relief silver coin :

    rightoo holdies thus addtionally :

    -why were 4700 shipped to the States and slabbed , then being offered at USd $ 799,- as to issuance of AUD $ 321,- PM ???

    -why have only 300 been alocated to the Aussie public ???

    -why are the coins sold without there orginal packing ????

    -have they originally been sent to the States in orginal packing and were then unpacked and slabbed ????

    -or was it just a private order for these coins .

    -do we see more 5 oz Koala high reliefs in the future ????

    lots of unanswered questions.


    • Hi Peter

      Thank you for your questions. The Perth Mint is an export oriented manufacturer of bullion and collector quality coins. It is part of our charter to sell Australian products overseas and as you probably know nearly 90% are currently exported.

      We are presently looking to expand our business further by establishing more of our numismatic products in international markets.

      The 5oz Koala silver coin was made specifically for a one of our distributors in the United States. It is the first time we have made a Koala from 5oz of silver in proof quality, and it was produced at our client’s request.

      The client, which specialises in this type of product, slabbed it as is their prerogative and packaged it in packaging that suited their market.

      In a highly competitive environment, specialist coins are part and parcel of the market. It is a successful element of our strategy that we have also undertaken in Europe with MDM and the FIFA World Cup programme, for example.

      We are not bound to sell every coin everywhere in the world. However, in both cases, we acquired a small percentage of the mintage to offer customers in Australia.

      I am not able to tell you just yet whether we will continue to make 5oz Koalas or under what terms they may be distributed. Please note that the 2011 issue does not feature a ‘high relief’ design as your enquiry states.

      Ron Currie
      Sales and Marketing Director

      • Gday ron,

        thank you very much for your elaborated comments which has answered all my pending questions.

        As I understand the Perth Mint would need about 4 x 5000 the Koala mintage in order to have a high relief 2012 Koala issued.
        In this respect I would happily support your efforts with a few details when the 300 pcs of the last issue were released and the guys in Germany were knowing it a frenzy started everyone wanted such item. Thus and after my survey easily 2-3000 pieces could have been sold on the German market for about AUD $ 250-350 a piece.


  2. sorry Ron I made a mistake :

    EURO 250,- to EURO 350,- a pieces



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