May 302011

Celebrating the release of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, we have issued three new coloured commemoratives portraying the characters of Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Megatron.

Purchased individually, each coin costs $115.

Alternatively, The Perth Mint is offering the ‘Transformers Trio’ as a single purchase for $299 – representing a saving of $46!

Each coin is struck from 1oz of 99.9% pure silver in proof quality.

The Perth Mint will release no more than 5,000 Bumblebee coins, 5,000 Optimus Prime coins and 5,000 Megatron coins – each in individual presentation packaging.


  6 Responses to “Save $$$s When You Buy All Three ‘Transformers’ Coins”

  1. Disappointing. I purchased the Optimus and Megatron coins a few years back thinking only 5000 of each were being minted. Here come another 5000 of each. Will there be another 5000 next year? There are so many other Transformers characters that could be used to make this a great coin series.


    • Thanks for commenting Frank. We feel the coins are different because they have new designs and different year dates. There are no plans to issue anything similar next year!


  2. Well Frank, if you believe this from the Perth Mint then I suggest you continue hanging your sock up on Xmas Eve!
    The Perth Mint promised a release of 1000 Australian Lunar Series 11 Year of the Dragon 2 oz Coin Show Special – only 1,000 released as Perth ANDA Coin Show Special. I was there both days and buy counting the people in the queue it was apparant only approximately 200 were sold the first day “befor selling out” with only 100 available the second day. Of the “inferred” 1,000 available for the public at the show, 700 were sold worldwide to dealers!!
    Shame on you Perth Mint – ugly scenes in the lobby on the 2nd caused buy your deceptions – hopefully a lot of people will think long and hard before buying from you in future, I certainly will – definitely not an business to trust.

  3. Ken, how sad! I hope they repent of their sinful, greedy ways. It isn’t right what they are doing!!!! I see that they haven’t responded to you, as they know you are spot on…freakin crooks!

  4. I don’t understand this either-Coins are posted as “new releases” on the web site,but “unavailable”,while plenty of U.S. dealers have them at twice the price or more-What’s that about? I’m talking about the same day they are posted on the Perth website,not days or weeks later. I’m tired of trying to keep up with a series and having to pay 2-3 times release price to greedy dealers that somehow obtain these coins. It just seems to get worse-I have been purchasing from the Perth Mint for a number of years,but will probaly quit collecting Australian coins and just sell off the hundreds that I have-what’s the point? It’s not fun anymore…it’s sad. And the mint would make more money and keep all their customers happy if they just did what they used to do-sell their coins to the public-NOT DEALERS-at least at the quantity that seems to go to dealers these days. Anyway…I’m done.

    • Hi Rob

      We are really keen to keep you as a collector of Perth Mint coins so please permit us to discuss the issues you raise.

      New collector coins are ‘allocated’ among our retail sales channels (website, mail, telephone, on-site shop) and our international network of coin dealers. Each outlet puts in for an allocation that they judge will be enough to satisfy their particular customer base. Obviously, because the coins are limited by mintage, we have to share these allocations as fairly and equitably as possible, and several factors are in play here, not least the number of customers committed to a series via their dealer.

      Unfortunately, when online customers all rush to secure a particular coin, the quantity allocated to web sales may be quickly exhausted. You experienced this when you saw the ‘unavailable’ sign on the day of release! We do try and find more product from other allocations if those channels are prepared to give up stock – but as you can imagine, this is difficult. Sometimes we’re successful and the product will be made available for sale once more on the web.

      We understand your particular viewpoint about dealers. However, as I have already alluded, they play an essential role in our product distribution worldwide and we have relationships with many going back a considerable time. Many collectors enjoy face-to-face buying from their local supplier and benefit from the knowledge and advice they are able to offer. We would never presume to offer them advice on how to sell in their regions and, under Australian law, are not permitted to intervene in their pricing policy.

      Part of the joy of collecting is ‘limited mintage’. Presently, many of our limited coin releases are proving to be exceptionally popular. This is the reality of the present market – which makes it a really exciting time to be a collector. Even if we’re unable to convince you to hold on to your collection of Perth Mint coins, we hope this helps you to better understand that we are trying to do best for all our customers who have many different preferences in the way they purchase their coins.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team


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