Aug 252011

A team of U.S. archaeologists believe they have uncovered the flagship of 17th century pirate Sir Henry Morgan.

Born in Wales around 1635, Morgan was in fact a privateer who had the backing of the English crown to plunder wealthy Spanish cities in the Americas.

His actions gained him the reputation of a barbarous pirate who engaged in the use of much cruelty and torture.

The Satisfaction was one of five vessels in Morgan’s fleet that sank 340 year ago during a raid to capture the fort known as Castillo de San Lorenzo, near Panama City.

After months of digging in mud and sand, the archaeologists from Texas State University have uncovered roughly 50 feet of her starboard side, along with numerous unopened cargo boxes and several chests.

Morgan is one of five notorious seafaring raiders featured by The Perth Mint on its popular series of Young Collectors $1 Pirate coins. The others are William Kidd, Calico Jack, Black Bart, and Blackbeard, whose ship Queen Anne’s Revenge was recently found off the coast of North Carolina.


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