Sep 292011

Russia has chosen its favourite commemorative coins from issuers all over the world.

The Fifth International Commemorative Coins Contest came to a crescendo last night at the Marble Palace, Catherine the Great’s neoclassical masterpiece in St Petersburg.

Contest committee members comprising experts from museums, auction houses, dealers, associations and periodicals were joined in the historic building by representatives from national banks, mints and coin distributors from 25 countries.

Click here to see the winning coins.

The Perth Mint was proud to accept the award for best coin in the ‘Souvenir’ category for our unique Australia-shaped Shanghai World Expo silver commemorative.

This Perth Mint Australia-shaped release was one of the coins recognised at last night’s presentation ceremony in St. Petersburg’s Marble Palace.

We also picked up second spot in the ‘Unique Concept’ category for our Treasures of Australia gold locket coin containing granules of Australian gold.

Australian precious metal coins made by The Perth Mint are sought after items in Russia and the CIS.  Our coins are available through Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank which now boasts more than 18,880 retail outlets.


  One Response to “Australia Shapes as Russian Favourite”

  1. Dear Ron,
    Congratulations to you and the staff for gaining international awards at the, Fifth International Commemorative Coins Contest in Russia; that’s one hell of an acievement for not only the designers but all of the staff that produced the coins.

    Gaining a first and second place is amazing!

    Nomination: Unique concept
    2nd place – gold coin « Treasures of Australia». Inside the coin there is a semicircle transparent capsule containing granules of the Australian gold. Presented by the Perth Mint, Australia.

    Nomination: Souvenir coin
    The Winner – the silver coin «Shanghai World Expo – Australian Pavilion». Presented by the Perth Mint, Australia.

    Keep up the great work.

    You guys not only represent The Perth Mint but wave the banner for all Australians.

    The coins minted by Perth are absolutely amazing; I hope, The Perth Mint team, can continue to bring people from overseas and Australia, quality products that are not compromised by large mintage or mass production that embrace huge mintages.

    As a collector and stacker, I can speak for my friends to say, they are buying Perth Mint products because they are the highest quality. We love the individually encapsulated coins, both bullion, specimen and proof.

    Kind regards



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