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The Year of the Dragon commences on 23 January 2012 but already it has proved to be one of the most eagerly sought-after Perth Mint design themes of all time. With this in mind, the following limits apply to these latest silver collectables purchased from The Perth Mint.

2012 Australian Lunar Silver Coin Series:

  • 1oz Coloured Proof Dragon – one per customer
  • 1/2oz Coloured Proof Dragon – one per customer
  • 1oz Gilded Dragon – five per customer
  • 1oz Dragon Typeset Collection – one per customer

The restrictions are designed to ensure that as many collectors as possible receive the chance to secure the stunning coins, which will be released tommorrow – Tuesday 4 October.

Please note that we won’t be able to despatch orders for the 1oz Gilded coin before 18 October.


  30 Responses to “Latest Dragon Coins Subject To Purchase Limits”

  1. Are there any prices yet? Got photos too? Thanks

  2. Hi Ron
    What has happened to the 1oz coloured bullion mintage 3800 as previous years?

    • Hi Dean

      Client feedback strongly suggested that collectors would like to see a proof version of the Coloured Lunar coin which prompted our decision to replace the offer of 3,800 coloured bullion coins.



  3. I can’t seem to find the actual time your new releases come “on line” and are available from the online store. Can you please advise?


  4. will it be sold out very fast?
    And what time is it now at Perth Mint?
    I am in US.

  5. Greetings from Malaysia, is there any chance I can buy more than 1, as I’m helping my friends from Malaysia purchasing the dragon too.

    Thank you.


  6. Hi Ron,
    What time will this be out for sale please?

  7. I must say this dragon buying experience on your website is just terrible. Crashes everywhere, with cumbersome web pages to click thru just to checkout and pay. I’ll take my business elsewhere. FIX THIS.

  8. Hi Ron,

    I have been trying to login to buy the 2012 Dragon typeset coins but has been unsuccessful ALL MORNING!!!!

    The system encounters ERROR everytime I try to login, after trying many many times and getting logged in, the website shows ERROR again when I try to add the item to cart. After COUNTLESS times trying to re-login, add to cart, then encounter ERROR again and unsuccessful to checkout.

    After trying to more than 2-3hrs, the item is now UNAVAILABLE.

    What happened? This is such an unpleasant experience to have tried buy the typeset online all morning and then to be told that it is now anvailable/sold out.

    Please help.

  9. Struggled with PerthMint web site from Australia Western time 8:30AM, until now, for TWO whole hours! By the time I finally can go to the last step, the 1 set of Year of Dragon Typeset I put in my cart has SOLD OUT!! What is ridiculous with Perthmint web site, is that the set is still in my shopping cart until now, even though it is sold out! and even though the web site kept asking me to Submit my order!

    Very frustrated and disappointed. I specially took ONE hour off from my work, wanted to buy this Typeset, but your web site failed me!

  10. I wonder why the Perth MInt would not issue a “high relief proof dragon” ???
    is there anything which is not in favour of it ???


  11. I still have one of these in my cart. I played with it for hours but it wont let me get past the last step. The least you could do is help finalize these transactions on your end. Please.

    • NO, Matt, you will NOT get the typeset. They are GONE, NO more. Wait until secondary market to sell this at 3 times higher price.
      Same thing happened to me. But I posted a link here, where still had Typeset last night (U.S. time), only $100 more expensive. Looks like the moderator of this site Deleted that post of mine.

      Anyway, I am glad I looked around other web site, and got a typeset, even though paid $100 more.

      • Never mind the other web site. They are greedy dealer too, pulled out the typeset, and then telling me they canceled my order. What a joke.
        Meanwhile, already at least 2 typesets sold on ebay for close to $800 a set!
        Life is not fair!

  12. Broken website, broken promises – once again. You really know how to p*ss off your customers.

  13. Perth Mint will just ignore all your rantings and complains. The last time when the 1oz silver Proofs were released, same issue for those trying to purchase online. Nothing much has changed this time round.

    There is no such thing as fair allocation or fair play. Just too bad for all the overseas customers like us.

  14. Thanks to those who contributed here. We acknowledge that you undoubtedly experienced problems and I apologise unreservedly on behalf of the Mint.

    Yesterday was our retail website’s busiest day ever and as a result we experienced technical difficulties driven by the sheer volume of web and telephone traffic. However, most of our customers placed orders successfully, accounting for a tremendous day.

    It is our objective to solve the issues some of you have reported as soon as possible. We are already in the planning phase of a complete website re-build and we are also looking at improving our telephone system.

    In the meantime, I welcome your continued feedback.


    Ron Currie

    • Dear Ron,

      I don’t accept your apologies on behalf of the Perth Mint.

      The Websites crashing are no excuse because this occurred on 01 September 2011 and you have not fixed the problem in a month.

      The Board and Senior Management are on notice that a formal complaint will be forwarded to the Board of Directors and Parliament.

      The reason for this is that Perth Mint is becoming an embarrassment to our international collectors and bullion investors.

      Talk is cheap Ron, but performance is about outcomes.

      If the board can’t act swiftly to use profits to quickly solve simple Information Technology anomalies then someone needs to be in charge that can produce outcomes.

      The bullion site is not active on weekends or after hours. This is when your IT managers should be getting the system fixed.

      Same goes for the collector site, get things fixed after hours; that’s what management gets paid to do, allocate resources, problem solve and produce outcomes.

      Obviously you visit silverstackers and Kitco, you are but one wheel in the cog that needs to leave a legacy of not only sales but salesmanship and client satisfaction.

      Some of us actively support and promote Perth products and without our support, your coin issues would not have the worldwide audience they receive for free.

      In short, I know you don’t care, because the product gets sold.

      But remember that coin approvals are approved by government and therefore the point of call will be government and the appropriate ministers.


      • Thank you for your comments.

        We are fully aware and deeply concerned about the problems our customers have encountered in recent weeks – a period of time in which we have experienced unprecedented web and telephone traffic in response to recent coin releases.

        As I said previously, we are responding to the issues as fast as we can. But it is imperative that we investigate and formulate strategies that are effective and efficient and also that the resulting solutions are as future-proof as we can make them. Our business model is complex and knee-jerk reactions about IT systems could prove to be disastrously counter-productive.

        In other words, this takes time. To think that we can resolve issues highlighted by the recent spike in business within a matter of weeks is unrealistic.

        To reiterate we are currently:

        • Re-writing our collector web site.
        • In the process of analysing our business-wide ERP system.
        • Working on improving our telephone system.
        • Examining ways in which we can upgrade our Customer Services department.

        Your comments will now be brought to the attention to the board and executive management at The Perth Mint.

        May I also respond to the allegation that I “don’t care, because the product gets sold”. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am passionate about the reputation of The Perth Mint and will always strive my hardest to fulfil our mission statement of ‘supplying products, services and experiences which delight customers and users’.

        I would welcome the opportunity to expand on this with you should you care to contact me personally by email (RonC@perthmint.com.au) or by telephone on 08 9421 7269. I hope I will be able to convince you that we are doing everything possible to retain your much-appreciated support for our coin issues going forward.

  15. I’ve looked forward to the release of 2012 Year of the Dragon coins. I was very
    excited to be adding another Lunar issue to my collection.

    I went to The Perth Mint’s website to make my purchases and was extremely dismayed (putting it politely) to see that all had been sold out.

    Then I went on the hunt. All I found were dealers & people with lots of money who had purchased this issue in vast numbers, and on top of that, were asking a small fortune. It’s pure piracy and atrocious. And I’m pretty angry about the situation. And I don’t know who I’m pee’d off at the most, the dealers or the idiot buyers who drive up the prices to such ridiculous heights – what’s wrong with you all?

    Other dealers had people in their droves trying to outbid one another – it’s a feeding frenzy! I didn’t even bother to participate. I can’t afford those asking prices anyway.

    I’ve been collecting Chinese Lunar Year philatelic issues and coins since the
    beginning. If I can’t manage to buy my Year of the Dragon coins, my collection will forever be incomplete.

    Seems ordinary collectors like myself don’t stand a chance.

    This was my opinion.

    • Yes, its indeed frustrating to see the coins already being offered on auction sites even before Perth Mint’s official release to the public. It seemed like certain dealers have priority over everyone else. How is it that some people have vast quantities available for sale at exhortbitant prices when limit is set at 1 per customer?

      Take for example the 1oz BU Dragons, hundreds of graded MS69 and MS70 were already in existence before the official release but yet when collectors like us try to get our hands on the 1oz BU dragon, its sold out! Why it is allocated to only a small handful of dealers who in turn exploited the situation by cornering the mkt with price hikes?

      • Yes, just like stock market, small retail collectors are getting screwed royally. Force us to go to auction site or greedy dealers, paying 2-3 times as much, to buy one single coin/set we need. This is ridiculous.

        Many 1oz BU dragon offered on the auction site and dozens of dealer sites, some priced for 8 Times higher than the original Perth Mint price!

        • Thank you, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one with issues about the Dragon coin disaster of 2011.

          And (for reasons unknown to myself), I’m still chasing 2012 Year of the Dragon 1oz silver coin in presentation case. I see many for sale (from overseas dealers) but the price they’re asking….. well it just makes me want to throw them off a cliff.

          There’s this one guy on ebay (I think from the US) & he has maybe 10-20 sets of 1oz Dragons in Perth Mint’s presentation box & COA but I won’t buy one from him on principle (oh, who am I kidding), I can’t afford it. Damn them all!


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