Oct 042011

To all those who responded to my previous post, I am delighted to announce that our Australian Lunar Dragon special silver collectables are on sale now. Click the image to be transferred directly to the relevant page for website orders.




Year of the Dragon Typeset – sold out on the website. Limited stocks may be available for sale over the phone. Please call 1800 098 817 or (61) 94217218.


  4 Responses to “Dragon Coin Specials Available Now”

  1. Dear Ron

    I was wondering if you knew about the 1oz coloured proof dragons that have produced quite a few flaws during the inking process.

    In some examples the inking has not aligned correctly and has made the claws look like they have two talons instead of one; also, some of the dragon is missing ink on the body.

    If you would like an image please email me for a copy.

    I’ve looked at some of the other coloured dragon proofs, some appear to be ok but others are perhaps real mint errors.

    Also, I’m wondering why the coloured dragon on the Typeset collection is different to the proof?

    On the collector site the Typeset describes two proof coins but in reality there is the standard proof, a coloured bullion coin, the gilded and BU coin.

    I thought you would have included the same coloured proof coin in the Typeset that was sold as the individual coloured proof sold for $112.50.

    Is there a reason why the proof wasn’t included and why didn’t the Typset have, well, the Types of 1oz coins we expected?

    As you know the colured coin in the Typeset is completelt different to the individually sold coloured 1oz proof.

    Any info you can bring to the Blog would be appreciated.

    Kind regards
    Billy Black Smith

    • I too have both 2 of the sets and you are right about the double talons and just plan overspray or something.I talked to a man about a yellow-purple graded NGC pf 70 that he had bought that was declared a “mint error” after he sent it back in.Makes you think twice about the NGC grading system.All the coins in my sets have the problem of double or over spray.Still a beautiful coin,just gotta work out the bugs.

  2. Dear Ron, Everybody knows how busy you guys have been lately, but….
    I am still waiting for my red dragons ordered over two months ago while all my friends got their lot. As I said to some of my friends these were going to be Xmas presents..( I had to buyt them at double the price from a dealer so they can be sent overseas and get in time.. Since I had sent various emails and no reply at all, I decide to break my silence and placed my feeling in here, maybe someone can read it.

    • Hi Jose

      It could be one of many reasons why this has occurred and not just down to our production. I’m writing to you separately for more details so that we can investigate further.




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