Oct 042011

This month’s new products from The Perth Mint:

  • Australian Lunar Coin Series II
    2012 Year of the Dragon
    – 1kg Silver Gemstone Edition
    – 1oz Silver Gilded Edition
    – 1/2oz & 1oz Silver Coloured Proofs
    – 1oz Silver Typeset Collection
  • Famous Battles in Australian History – Kokoda
    2011 1oz Silver Proof Coin
  • Wildlife in Need – Orangutan
    2011 1oz Silver Proof Coin
  • Australian Bush Babies – Sugar Glider
    2011 Stamp and Coin Cover
  • 2012 Australian Citizenship
    $1 Coin in Presentation Card

For full details, download the new Bulletin, or visit our Recent Releases webpage.


  3 Responses to “October 2011 Bulletin Out Today”

  1. It’s not fair. I waited the whole night for Typeset (in Poland) and after that can’t place order due website crash. And now what can do ? Dealers either don’t have Typeset or have a price 4-times higher 🙁

  2. Dear Ron,

    The web site says that the 1oz and 1/2oz coloured proofs are a “Red” coloured dragon.

    The web site also says that the 4 coin Typeset contains a proof “Red” coloured dragon.

    If you check the Typest coloured coin, you’ll notice it is not the “Red” dragon; it’s the brown or gold dragon and it appears to be a coloured bullion coin, not a proof.

    Please check the colours of the 1oz “Red” coins, side by side; look at the feet and the overall colour; you’ll probably agree that the Typeset does not contain the correct coin.

    For your information and comment.

    Kind regards

    Billy Black Smith

    • The Typeset includes a ‘coloured bullion’ (specimen) quality coin and the typo on our website has been amended to reflect this. As for the colour, we think it’s definitely red!

      Thanks for commenting,

      Blog Team


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