Oct 252011

You can now view sales and mintage figures for 2010 Perth Mint collectable issues on our corporate website.

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  12 Responses to “2010 Sales and Mintage figures published”

  1. What does Perth Mint do with the coins that didn’t sell?

  2. Do these sales figures include sales made to distributors as well?

  3. How come I can not find the mintage of ‘Mint-To-Order’ 2010 AUSTRALIAN KOALA 1OZ SILVER COIN IN CARD?

  4. Are there going to be mintages released for the colored bullion coins ? Like in my 2010 colored tiger it states that is it coin X of 3,800 out of a maximum worldwide mintage of 170,000. How many of each sized colored coin were actually produced then?

  5. Hi Ron

    You have many interesting coin programs, but I can’t see any to do with general science achievements. Orbit coin program is nice, yes, but it should be few to honour scientists too.

    Many people would love to see in your coin program, coins to do with other areas of science. E.g electricity/the father of electricity- NIKOL TESLA ‘Man Who Lit The World’. Tesla has thousands of fans all over the world and I bet many would buy a Tesla coin, if it goes viral on social network sites.

    Thank you and best regards.

    Any similar suggestion from others? Is there any way you can bring my suggestion to bosses who are making decision.

    • Thanks for that. Science and engineeering is certainly an area we are keen to research more.

      Btw all design ideas submitted via our blog or twitter sites are logged by a coordinator and raised at regular brainstorming and or product development sessions.




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