Oct 272011

After many months in the making, our one tonne Australian Kangaroo gold bullion coin has been unveiled in spectacular fashion.

Made from 99.99% pure gold and issued as Australian legal tender, it’s a stunning achievement by the Mint.

Perth Mint CEO Ed Harbuz with our spectacular Australian Kangaroo one tonne gold coin - the largest coin in the world.

We tracked the manufacturing process with our handy-cam to be able to compile these clips from behind the scenes at The Perth Mint. Check out the mammoth gold pour and the intricacies of the hand-finishing involved!


  2 Responses to “Perth Mint Unveils World’s Largest Gold Coin”

  1. I just came from a coin show, and one kiosk was showing the 10 oz and 1 kg gold Lunar Dragons 2012 from your Mint.

    I noticed when tilting the coins slowly the sanded finish gave this strange strobing effect, like it was uneven or like it had some soap residue. The earlier large gold coins had no effect.

    I asked the person in charge and he said that all the new 2012 Pert Mint coins were like this and it was an added effect.

    I wanted to confirm that the sanded finish had this strobing effect (kind of like patch work when tilting the coin under bright lights), the mirror finish areas were perfect. But I was afraid that it might have been a chinese knock off or that the stamping die had some imperfections.

    Or…that it is indeed intended to look like this.

    Please put my mind at ease, thank you.

    • Hi Nate

      The coins you are referring to have a slightly different finish to previous years. Without getting into technicalities, there was an incremental adjustment in the frosting to show more detail on some design elements. My interpretation of what you are describing would be an effect of the new finish.


      Ron Currie


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