Nov 302011

On 30 November 2000 UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee formally inscribed Australia’s Greater Blue Mountains on the World Heritage List.

One of Australia’s most iconic regions, the blue-haze beauty of the Blue Mountains comprises one million hectares of tall forests, sandstone cliffs, canyons, waterfalls bushland – and endless potential for adventure!

The World Heritage Committee inscribed the Greater Blue Mountains Area on the basis of its natural criteria: “Australia’s eucalypt vegetation is worthy of recognition as of outstanding universal value, because of its adaptability and evolution in post-Gondwana isolation.Read more Blue Mountains facts from UNESCO.

For fans of coins portraying iconic Australian sites, we celebrated the Blue Mountains with this 2011-dated 1oz silver proof coin featuring a brightly-coloured image of the Three Sisters from Echo Point and a Blue Mountains tree frog.

With a total mintage of just 2,500, this is an extremely rare Australian collectable issue. Housed in special presentation packaging, the coin is part of the Celebrate Australia series depicting iconic Australian birds and animals, iconic landscapes and famous Australian locations.

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Nov 292011

The weight, diameter and composition of UK coins are tested annually during the Trial of the Pyx. Performed by the Goldsmiths Company of the City of London, the Trial is based on an ancient ceremony first performed in 1282.

During the 19th century, colonial branches of the Royal Mint were founded in Australia, initially in Sydney and Melbourne. For some reason, by the time The Perth Mint opened in 1899, the Trial had seldom been applied to coins made in Australia.

Opened in 1899, The Perth Mint operated as a colonial branch of the Royal Mint until 1970.

So when it was announced that the new branch was to have its coins assessed , everyone was interested in the results.

Coins, which in 1900 meant sovereigns, were set aside from each batch received from the coining department. They were then placed in a Pyx Chest and sent to London for the Trial presided over by the Queen’s Remembrancer, traditionally an officer responsible for debts due to the sovereign, but by then an officer of the Court of the Exchequer.

The verdict was delivered by a jury of skilled goldsmiths after 180 Perth Mint sovereigns had been chosen at random to be measured and assayed.

“Of the Perth coins tested at the Trial of the Pyx, the one showing the greatest divergence was only four-ten-thousandth parts above standard as against the variation of 20-ten-thousandths allowed by law. One coin was exactly standard. The result is that the Trial is highly satisfactory both as regards weight and fineness, and shows the efficiency and competency of my staff, especially taking into consideration that for some time after the commencement of operation they were hampered by many difficulties.” – John Francis Campbell, Deputy Mint Master, Perth Branch (August 1900).

Sovereigns were made in Perth until 1931 and hardly surprisingly they remain popular with many gold coin collectors. At the time of writing there are two sets of historic Perth Mint sovereigns in stock on our website:

Two-Coin Sovereign Set

Four-Coin Sovereign Collection

Nov 282011

Buying for Christmas is easy from the dedicated gifts section of The Perth Mint website.

We’ve compiled a selection of popular jewellery, watches and other inspiring gifts with a Christmas flavour.  The Christmas Pudding Gift Pack is one not to be missed!

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Right now we’re offering Free Shipping for Christmas worldwide on any online orders over $75.00 (Australian Dollars) until 31 December 2011.

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There’s also guaranteed delivery before Christmas for orders made until 7 December.

With these benefits and masses of coins and other items to pick from, just choosing the right gift from The Perth Mint website should be fun in itself!

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Nov 242011

Congratulations Stephen Dalby of NSW who is the winner of the recent Rugby World Cup Champions coin collection competition.

Stephen’s magnificent prize contains the prestigious 2011 Webb Ellis Cup coin and four silver proof legal tender coins issued by the Rugby World Cup winning nations of New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and England.

More about the Rugby World Cup Champions 2011 Limited Edition International Silver Five-Coin Collection.

Nov 232011

Rare coin dealer Coinworks is offering for sale a collection of Melbourne Mint pre-decimal proof sets.

The superb collection, accumulated by the company between 1993 and 2000, was subsequently sold to an anonymous Western Australian collector and investor for $174,750.

Now they’re being offered for sales again. The total collection, comprising 27 coins, is valued by the rare coin industry at $1.5 million.

“The coins are preserved in pristine condition and are exceptionally rare,” Coinworks said. “They have the sheen and lustre, the sharpness of design only found in the highest quality collector’s items. These are elegant examples of the coin maker’s art that are sought after by collectors and investors alike.”

Great news for people living in Melbourne is that public viewing will be available on the 29 November at the old Mint.

For more on this story head to the The Age article A Very Pretty Penny.

Nov 212011

The number eight is considered lucky in Chinese and Asian cultures.

Hence the mintage of this beautifully presented coin show special celebrating The Perth Mint’s recent participation at the 2011 Beijing International Coin Exposition.

Featuring 1/2oz silver bullion coins from the 2012 Australian Koala and 2012 Australian Lunar – Year of the Dragon coin series, just 2,888 two-coin sets have been released.

While most were purchased by collectors in China, we’re pleased to announce that as of today 10 per cent of the mintage is being offered on The Perth Mint website.

With the lucky number eight dominating the mintage, there’s a feeling that this rare offering is not going to be available for much longer!

Struck from 1/2oz of 99.9% pure silver, each 2012 coin in this Beijing International Coin Exposition special release is issued as Australian legal tender.