Nov 162011

Two British students have had the honour of designing the official UK coins to celebrate the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Architectural student Saiman Miah from Birmingham, and graphic and media design graduate Pippa Sanderson from Worcestershire, created the two £5 coins as mementos of London 2012.

Saiman Miah and Pippa Sanderson with their five pound coins for the official London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The winning designs were selected following a Royal Mint competition for art and design students in higher education. Students were challenged to create a design celebrating the capital’s role as host city of London 2012. Designs were requested that could be symbolic or literal and could involve the use of emblems or lettering.

Saiman said the inspiration for his design came from his love of architecture and it includes a detailed impression of London’s iconic skyline. “I wanted a classical design that represented old traditional British values,” he said. Saiman also incorporated pictograms of athletes around the edge of the skyline to create a clock face referencing another London icon, Big Ben.

Pippa took inspiration from the Games themselves. “My design idea came from the concept of rings and what they mean, from the track at the Olympic Stadium to the Olympic rings.” Split into these four sections, her design features a spoked wheel for manoeuvrability, a target for accuracy and a stopwatch for speed and includes the face of Big Ben to represent London.

The Royal Mint said Olympic coins can be traced back to 480BC.


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