Nov 232011

Rare coin dealer Coinworks is offering for sale a collection of Melbourne Mint pre-decimal proof sets.

The superb collection, accumulated by the company between 1993 and 2000, was subsequently sold to an anonymous Western Australian collector and investor for $174,750.

Now they’re being offered for sales again. The total collection, comprising 27 coins, is valued by the rare coin industry at $1.5 million.

“The coins are preserved in pristine condition and are exceptionally rare,” Coinworks said. “They have the sheen and lustre, the sharpness of design only found in the highest quality collector’s items. These are elegant examples of the coin maker’s art that are sought after by collectors and investors alike.”

Great news for people living in Melbourne is that public viewing will be available on the 29 November at the old Mint.

For more on this story head to the The Age article A Very Pretty Penny.


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  1. I have a copper cartwheel coin for sale


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