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The 2012 Year of the Dragon is The Perth Mint’s most successful design theme of the last ten years.

An extensive suite of coins has been released, many of which have been snapped up at unprecedented rates by coin dealers and collectors.

Ahead of the Chinese New Year, which falls on 23 January, here is an update highlighting what Dragon coins are still available from The Perth Mint online store for collectors.


Gold Proof Issue
1/10oz – Available
1/4oz – Available
1oz – Available
Three-Coin-Set – Available
Silver Proof Issue
1oz – Sold Out
1kg – Sold Out
Three-Coin Set – Sold Out
Gold Proof Coloured Issue
1/10oz – Available
1/4oz – Available
1oz – Available
Silver Proof Coloured Issue
1/2oz – Unavailable*
1oz – Unavailable*
1kg – Unavailable*
Silver Typeset 1oz CollectionSold Out
Silver Gilded 1oz EditionAvailable
Silver Gemstone 1kg EditionAvailable
Silver Rectangle 1oz Four-Coin Set – Unavailable*
Silver 1/2oz Baby Dragon Coin – Unavailable*
*The term ‘Unavailable’ on our website is an indication that we are temporarily out of stock or close to Sold Out. Please note that the Dragon coins marked Unavailable above  are fully committed, making it unlikely that any more will become available via this site.

What prompted your interest in this highly sought-after program? Please drop us a comment about what motivated you to buy a Dragon coin.


  9 Responses to “Dragons – Our Most Popular Coin Design Theme”

  1. I think the original interest came when we heard that the Chinese wanted a huge part of the dragon mintage. Then of course there are Australians that actively promote Australian Perth products on forum sites like Kitco and Silver Stackers.

    Anyway, we knew that after the sucess of the Year 2000 dragons that the 2012 coins would be sort after, especially when some of us knew that the 1oz silver Bullion Dragon only had a mintage of 300,000 coins worldwide.

    The research some of us did on the Chinese release, was brought back to forums like Kitco and of course while the Chinese had their silver and gold coins prior to 01 September 2011, we were left looking but couldn’t touch unless a bloke had contacts in China.

    Basically, you guys at Perth let us smell the gravt but there was no tasting so when launch day came for the Bullion release we were ready to buy; the silver price look strong and of course even if the coins were a flop we could still sell for the metal price. Obviously there was competition to get those coins, so it was just a mad scramble to see who could get them and who would miss-out.

    I also think you may have under-estimated the huge population of Chinese people in Australia and of course International investors couldn’t bye the coins on the bullion web-site so your distributors were overwhelmed.

    So add, all the factors, like the Internet, scarcity of the coins, historical factors, strong silver price and exposure via Kitco and S stackers, you ended up with a winner.

    A side note.

    I really think you guys at Perth did a good job but you have missed a huge opportunity to sell the 1oz coloured silver coins (9 coin set) to Australians and your distributors overseas.

    If you did have the capacity to mint more coins in 2012, what I would suggest is to sell all of the coloured coins, Red: 1oz; Blue: 1oz; Silver: 1oz; Purple: 1oz; Brown: 1oz; White: 1oz; Yellow: 1oz; Black: 1oz and Gold: 1oz.

    But, sell them as individual coins and, list them on the Bullion Web Site.

    Anyway, the hype has slowed down but that’s only because silver and gold took quite a dip since the issuing of the coins back in September.

    Please guys, next time you sell such a huge volume of coins overseas, please keep some for your Aussie clients; afterall, they are Australian legal tender coins.

    Cheers to all the Perth Mint staff, have good break at Christmas and a few coldies and please consider a few of those lovely coloured coins for 2012.


    Billy Black Smith

  2. I got each of my boys the 2000, 2oz, coin was very impressed with the quality and beauty of this coin, so when the 2012 came available I grabbed what I could. Have no regrets because you have outdid yourselves. Would like to see the limit to 2 per customer as I have two sons that I try to get each the same, I was able to get a 3 coin set and rectangular set and am thankful for that, as I said they are great.Thanks for your hard work and devotion to quality products, packaging and mintage that is collectible for the collector. (Outstanding)

  3. Goodaye Blog Team,

    That lovely 1 kilo coloured proof is amazing; if you produced a specimen silver bullion kilo that was gilded I reckon you would be on a winner.

    As you guys know, the kilo coin has un-limited mintage until the end of the series, so this could be an oppotunity to produce a series 2 lunar set of all the kilo bullion coins but gilded and to specimen grade, not proof.

    Mintage, 1000 worldwide.

    Anyway, that’s my suggestion. I’ll pre-order:-)

    Kind regards

    Billy Black Smith

  4. Silverstackers – its their fault.

    A comprehension of punters perceived returns and the opportunity to flip for profit. I flipped proof coins and reinvested profit into bullion silver.

  5. I just started to know about this Year of Dragon 2012 Silver Gilded 1oz Edition, very details and lovely but too bad cos currently is “UNAVAILABLE”. I had been checking your website daily but it still the same unavailable, if can i hope to buy one and get it before this coming Lunar New Year. So sad!

  6. I first stumbled onto the Lunar series when i was looking for a dragon 2000 coin. i was so happy with the quality of my purchase (proof issue) and its scarcity, that I’ve bought more coins of interest. I prefer the 2 oz. Silver coins but missed out on the three coin set. Even next year’s edition was sold out a few hours after I got the email notice. So, this year I bought a 1/4 ounce gold dragon. Knowing my Chinese friends’ preference for gold, I don’t think I’ll have any worries about the value of my coin holding up, even if gold takes a plunge in the near term. Long term, I think that it will be one that I’ll keep.

  7. Hi Blog Team,

    Upon browsing the 2012 numismatic pdf document, I noticed a heading on page 4 of 7 titled:

    “Four-Coin Typeset – Japanese Version”

    I’ve never heard of a Japanese version and after googling, I can’t find any reference to it.

    If possible could you please clarify what the set is (Type of coin) and where was it sold?

    Kind regards

    Billy Black Smith

    • Hi Billy Black Smith

      This version of our Lunar Silver Typeset (4 x 1oz Year of the Dragon coins) featured a proof coloured coin instead of a bullion coloured coin. The sets were sold to a Japanese distributor who marketed them through bank branches in that country.

      Hope this helps,

      Kind regards

      Blog Team


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