Dec 202011

The first monthly product launch of 2012 is coming early for Perth Mint coin collectors.

Set for launch on 3 January, the latest coin releases will be available for purchase via our collector website at one minute past midnight Western Standard time. (12.01am WST Tuesday 3 January 2012).

“Traditionally we announce details of new products around 9.00am Perth time every launch day. Recently, this has resulted in a stampede of online and telephone orders from within Australia, putting pressure on internal sales and administration systems,” Ron Currie, Sales & Marketing Director explained.

“We think this change is in the interest of our customers because we’ll be able to process some orders overnight before the busiest part of the day begins. By smoothing demand, we are hopeful of avoiding glitches which have proved frustrating to clients.”

Ron Currie said exceptionally strong demand for The Perth Mint’s Year of the Dragon suite of gold and silver coins in 2011 had highlighted the problems. As a result, the Mint is involved in a comprehensive review of its telephone, IT and customer support resources.

“Changes will take time to implement fully,” he said. “In the meantime, it is prudent to trial this kind of move to improve our customer service capability.”


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  1. Not related to this topic, but …

    Today (16 Dec 12) went online to the Perth Mint bullion site to order some bullion. Being Perth based and frugal, I prefer to collect from the shop front rather than have it delivered. (And its more private.)

    Well, yesterday I had that option. Today I don’t. No info. No email. No warning. Apparently (and I can understand this), the shop vault can’t hold all the orders where people want to collect. A condition of collecting was that you had to collect within 10 days (or 14, can’t remember). Being someone who wants to actually hold my bullion purchases, I’d be hanging out for the email and in there like a shot to collect. Apparently I’m weird!!! Most people were pushing the 14 day limit – which leads to troubles.

    So, perth-based people who want to combine the convenience of shopping from their laptop and locking in a good price with the privacy of collection in person (no nosey delivery people) – tough luck.

    Mind you, you can phone the shop and order, pay into the GoldCorp bank account (which takes seven days to clear and approve) but you have to provide all those credit card images and id details that you provided to the online department. The shop can access that info but only by phoning the online dept for confirmation. SO your online membership number tied to your already validated id and credit card details is effectively useless.

    Dear Perth Mint, I can understand the problems with storage. I can understand that people leaving their bullion uncollected is both a security and accounting pain. But I like visiting you to collect. And I liked the ability to order online. Can you guys re-visit this decision? Perhaps after you decide to increase the shop’s vault size or install another vault specifically for online collections? Please re-assure me that the ability to collect bullion in person that has been ordered online is not dead and gone forever.

    Edited to add: Actually, upon reflection all these departments that don’t communicate is bollocks! When I buy bullion, that little stamp says “Perth Mint”, It doesn’t say “GoldCorp” or “Online Dept” or “Bullion Shop”. Perth Mint management! Time to join us in the 21st century. Get your act together and put a plan in place to simplify your processes. You have my details. All selling areas of Perth Mint should be able to easily (but securely) access them, so I can do the buying bullion from you thing. And, btw, if I can order from the Shop by phone, pay into your bank account, then collect my purchase at a later date, its obviously not really a space problem in the shop’s vault is it? – its a “I need your space” “no, its my space” type problem. It needs fixing, so customers (that’s me) can buy from you easily (that’s business).

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    • Hi SilverPheonix

      I fully appreciate that the issues you raise will leave some clients unhappy. But as you rightly observe, space and insurance constraints have forced us to amend the ‘pick up’ facility at The Perth Mint for online bullion orders.

      The current high level of bullion orders combined with the fact that some customers do not wish to collect (i.e. treat our vault as a ‘free’ storage facility) were key considerations in the decision.

      I agree that as a bullion customer who has completed our online registration process you should not have to repeat the procedure to buy bullion in the Shop. We are currently addressing this issue.

      However, please be aware that numismatic products ordered via our collector website will continue to be available for personal pick up.

      Kind regards
      Ron Currie
      Sales and Marketing Director

    • That’s way more clever than I was eexcptnig. Thanks!

  2. Great idea Blog Team.

    Ron, well done mate.

    This should give us more time too…to actually study the coin images before we comit to buying.

    Thanks for taking the initiative on this; I hope the congestion abates and the proposed system upgrades, culiminate, in an improved system that make buying coins from Perth easier.

    Kind regards

    Billy Black Smith

  3. Are the gold coins release today (prosperity dragons) the coins you are talking about in this article?

    • Hi James

      No. The coins we’re talking about in this article are featured in our forthcoming January 2012 release of new products.


  4. Really Ron? Has Perth Mint learnt nothing from the 2011 Year of the Dragon fiasco?

    Your website hasn’t changed at all. It’s still way too busy, cluttered & cumbersome.

    It’s full of information repeated elsewhere on page or through other links. There are too many links leading to the same page & products – it’s unnecessary. Get rid of the clutter – clean up your house.

    i.e. My interest lies in Lunar/Year of the….. coins and Royalty. Your site (on main page) contains many “Lunar” links but each link takes me to the same Lunar page with the same stupid information telling me it’s all SOLD OUT.

    With so many useless links, searching around Perth Mint website is a real chore and waste of time, it’s simply too awkward to navigate (& it’s SLOW SLOW SLOW)

    I must confess, I grow more and more disillusioned, frustrated & annoyed with Perth Mint website.

    And while I’m on my soapbox, can anyone please please explain to me why Perth Mint insists on keeping redundant entries of issues that have long been SOLD OUT???? I mean, what’s the point? Those entries simply take up space & turn eagerness at having found something you want, into bitter disappointment.

    i.e. Lunar/Year of the…… coins —– I found almost two pages of these delightful coins but guess what, nearly all are either SOLD OUT or UNAVAILABLE !!

    UNAVAILABLE does that mean Perth Mint will make more for those of us who missed out??? If it doesn’t mean that it should be amended to read SOLD OUT…… or better still & way more practical — delete the entry entirely as it isn’t doing your customers or collectors any good when they see over and over and over ad naseum that what they want is SOLD OUT!

    Now I see Perth Mint is already predicting a monumental breakdown of website & telephone services again with the launch of new 2012 products. So yet again, I see myself and many other AUSTRALIAN customers missing out – just like we did with Year of the Dragon coins. Yet I can’t help but notice sellers/dealers overseas have an abundant supply of silver Dragon coins that they are selling for ridiculous high prices – it’s daylight robbery.

    What makes Perth Mint think that by opening trading just after midnight that there won’t be problems?? People overseas can read as well as we can, and what’s more, they’ll be sitting at their keyboards and manning their telephones ready to do business. And, once again, we’re back to square one.

    I think I’ll give it all up as a bad joke and begin collecting rocks (nothing fancy, just plain, ordinary rocks). At least that won’t be stressful.

    That’s my opinion.

    • Hi lusinda

      Thanks for commenting. Your points are valid and have been taken on board. Please bear with us as we’re redeveloping the site – although as you will appreciate, the project is complex and it will take time.



  5. 5am EST and trying to place an order. All I get is am ERROR message at the end of check out. Sorry Perth Mint but you FAIL AGAIN!!!
    This will be the last time I try to purchace from you. With the exchange rate the way it is there are some great US mints who can fill my orders without such rubbish service. So looks like I’m gonna be collecting Canadian wildlfe from now on!!!!!!!!

    • Many apologies that this situation arose. We have identified a technical error related to the Polar Bear coin. If this was the coin that caused you a problem, please note that it has been fixed and you are welcome to place an order now.



      • they were only going to mint 30,000 or 50,000 of these commemoratives they would have sold out in hours. The mint still today tells us what the mtnaige can be and so there is not really much demand, but years later these low mtnaige commems are worth anywhere from $75 to $250 dollars and who has made money on buying these? Collectors. Dealers don’t really buy commems in large quantities except for ones they may think will be popular, if they knew that one would have a mtnaige under 30,000 they would have everyone they know buying some for them. So let the mint stop publishing what the mtnaiges will be so the collectors can once again get a fair shot at any item the mint sells.Cheers.

  6. Really nice,
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