Jan 062012

This graph will be interesting to those who read our recent blog post New Coin Releases Come Early For Collectors In 2012.

In it we announced the online availability of our latest coins at just after midnight on Tuesday 3 January 2012.

As explained in that post, traditionally we announce details of new products around 9.00am Perth time on launch day. Recently, this has resulted in a stampede of online and telephone orders from within Australia, putting pressure on internal sales and administration systems.

The graph reveals the impact of the change of schedule. Even though January was not such a big month as November, it achieved a positive outcome.

The red line portrays the sharp rise in transactions in the first few hours of our November 2011 product launch.

In contrast, the blue line shows a more gently build up of transactions in January 2012, thanks to the earlier release hour.

As a consequence, our systems handled demand more effectively, resulting in improved levels of client satisfaction (although we did experience short-term difficulties with the availability of one product because of unrelated technical problems).

The result ensures that we will continue with this new practice. While it is encouraging, however, it is not the final solution to the underlying issues. Consequently, we remain fully committed to the complete review of our website, telephone, back-end systems and other support infrastructure.

This redevelopment is now in progress, but as I stated in the last post, the full extent of these changes will take time to implement fully.


  3 Responses to “Assessing Changes to our Online Release Strategy”

  1. Oh, come now! Are you kidding? So what demand was there for the coins released on 03 Jan 2012?

    The guys that visit this thread, know exactly what sells and what is “just” another issue.

    If you guys at Perth are patting your-self on the back then I’m afraid that your methodology may need scrutiny.

    Is this Ed’s way of saying all is rosy now and that you guys have fixed the poor infrastructure for high demand products? I say no way have you got a workable system.

    The CEO needs to fast track changes to provide outcomes that suit longterm objectives, not just a band-aid in times of low demand. Try doing the same thing with another issue of dragons that smashed your system on 01 September 2011 and then again in October.

    Come on Perth, you can do better than making us stay up until 12 midnight, just fix the IT side of things for a start and while your at it how about adding the bullion platinum coins to the bullion site.

    Signed, tired of excuses.

    Billy Black Smith

  2. still awaiting 3rd january 1/4 oz gold coin delivery
    service is below par..

    • Thank you for your comment Brian. Based on the information provided, our Customer Service Team has been unable to locate your order. We would like to help you further so please contact Customer Service on freecall 1800 098 817.



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