Feb 032012

Renowned for its inventive approach to numismatic products, our design team has come up with another wonderfully innovative coin idea.

The Australian Opal Series celebrates the nocturnal nature of many of Australia’s favourite native animals. As the title suggests, the concept involves pure Australian opal, a precious gemstone famed for its iridescent play of rainbow colours.

Each of the eight coins in the series is made from 1oz of 99.9% pure silver. Struck elements portray Australian flora and a representation of the Moon in one of its eight phases.

But the highlight of each new coin is its mesmerising central design featuring an iconic Australian animal detailed in genuine opal, contrasted by the dark shadow of night.

The first release portrays a koala, an arboreal marsupial that becomes more active after sunset. The animal’s opal image glows from within an inky blackness.

This stunning effect is achieved with precisely cut slices of Australian opal, inset in the middle of the silver coin. They’re covered in glass selectively printed with black dye to create a window through which a play of colour is revealed in the form of Aleysha Howarth’s intricate koala design.

Our coin design team came up with another bright idea for the presentation packaging. Whenever the lid of the display case is opened, a small light automatically illuminates the coin within – reflective of the Moon shining down on a nocturnal Australian animal!

For full details of the Australian Opal Series release schedule, mintages and further information, please click here.


  5 Responses to “Opal Coin Series Shines Light on Nocturnal Animals”

  1. Wow, the Koala seems to be sold out just after a few days…

  2. I’ve seen one comment (on SilverStackes forum I believe) expressing concern about the opal laminate coming loose being a potential problem.
    Is this an issue of concern?

    • The opals have been set in accordance with tried and tested jewellery setting practices and we performed a number of durability tests with no negative consequences.


  3. Hi! The site announces availability from 17th Feb. Here we are – but the status has not changed?

    • Hi Tair

      Delivery of these coins to those that ordered begins today. It was a really popular product and unfortunately website stocks are now gone!




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