Feb 272012

The latest Australasian Numismatic Dealer’s Association (ANDA) Coin Show is on in Perth next weekend.

The event takes place at Burswood on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 March.

The Perth Mint is issuing two Coin Show Specials, including a 2oz Coloured Dragon silver coin for the exclusive show price of $172.00. Just 1,000 of these coins will be released. (Download ANDA’s promotional pdf).

Opening times, admission fees and a list of coin dealers attending the Show are available on the official ANDA website.

ANDA is a professional body representing individuals and businesses that deal in rare coins and banknotes throughout Australasia.


  7 Responses to “ANDA Show in Perth Next Weekend”

  1. In Ebay I found a Koala 1oz silver with an “F12” (Fabulous12) – Privymark , 2008 year dated. Is this an official issue from the Perth Mint? Or does someone made the privy in an private action ? Here you can see the F12-privy: F-12-privy koala 2008 … If I look for these coins in various Internet shops I cannot find them, see for example here: Koalas from various dealers

    • Thank you for your question.

      This is not a legal tender coin issue. It was not supplied by The Perth Mint – we did not do an ‘F12’ privy mark Koala silver coin.

      Kind regards

      Ron Currie

    • @ Karsten
      Although the F12 is the wrong topic to discuss here I like to add that as far as I know there are only 2 Mints using the F12 (or F15) privy; i.e. RCM and RAM for resp. the Maple and Sunset.
      These two are the custom coins and you are lucky if you can keep the series complete.

      Any other coin carrying this privy will probably be a forgery.


  2. Will the 2oz Coloured Dragon silver coin be available in the Perth Mint Webshop?Maybe 2nd or 3rd of March?

  3. Stood in line for over an hour at the ANDA show just to have the allocation of 2oz Dragon coins sell out. Poor form on Perth Mint’s part and extremely unimpressed with them wasting my Saturday morning. Were you even selling one per a person because it didn’t look like there was nearly 500 people in front of me when I was standing in the queue.


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