Mar 302012

Aleysha Howarth

Designer Profile

Coin Update recently caught up with Perth Mint designer Aleysha Howarth.

As one of the forces behind the Mint’s Australian Opal series, Aleysha has special interest in innovative design in modern numismatics.

“Collectors want to see exciting things and The Perth Mint is constantly pushing the boundaries. It’s great to be able to be a part of that,” she explained.

Find out more about Aleysha’s life as a designer at The Perth Mint, including what coin programs she’s found most satisfying, how the Opal series came about, and what motivates her to keep designing.

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Mar 302012

With more Antarctic Territory coins scheduled for release in the near future, blogger Silver Spirit Coins has just published a great reminder of this popular series to date.

“The Australian Antarctic series is one of my favourites and has been ever since I started to collect coins 5 years ago. It is a beautifully designed and well thought out series with great presentation.

What is happening to the price?

I have noticed over the last few months supply to the market of this coin has become very tight with sales exploding especially in the US and Europe.

If you want this series or are missing a coin from the series now is the time to make the purchase as prices do not look like they will settle down or even pause.  The series is following the same pattern as other series that have done very well. High demand and an escalation in prices when the coins are released followed by a settling down period and now tight supply and steadily increasing prices. Now is the time to purchase these before they become too expensive.

The 2004 Mawson Station is the key to the series.  I used to be able to find this at auctions all the time for around the $100 mark but now it is very hard to find for double that. I cannot get 2006 Edgeworth David and the 2008 Humpback Whale is becoming difficult to find. Future prices are impossible to predict but with the increasing sales internationally and a very tight supply the series just could go the way of the Deadly & Dangerous or Treasures of Australia series. The prices could really appreciate very quickly from here, especially for the earlier issues.

Each coin in the series features a different design of places and events occurring in the Antarctic Territory.

These silver proof coins were first issued in 2004 and the series continued till 2011.

They are struck from 1oz of pure silver featuring coloured designs.

The mintage of each coin is limited to 7,500.

I do try and keep a full range on my web site Silver Spirit Coins

2004 Mawson Station Silver Proof Coin

Appearing as the first release of the Perth Mint’s Australian Antarctic Territory series was the Mawson Station Silver Proof Coin. The coin features Mawson Station which is one of three permanent Australian bases in the Antarctic.

2005 Leopard Seal Silver Proof Coin

The Leopard Seal Silver Proof Coin was the second release of the series and appeared from the Perth Mint in 2005. On the reverse of the coin, a colorized image of leopard seals is shown.

2006 Edgeworth David Base Silver Proof Coin

In its third year with the release of the Edgeworth David Base Silver Proof Coin which was named after Australian geologist and explorer Sir William Edgeworth David.

2007 Davis Station Silver Proof Coin

The fourth release of the program is a design of Davis Station, located on Cooperation Sea on the Antarctic Continent.

2008 Humpback Whale Silver Proof Coin

The reverse of the Humpback Whale Silver Proof Coin contains a design showcasing the large creature. This strike was released as the fifth of the series.

2009 South Magnetic Pole Silver Proof Coin

Marking 100 years since the first recorded explorers reached the South Magnetic Pole .

2010 Husky Silver Proof Coin

The 2010 release of the series was the 2010 Husky Silver Proof Coin. It was created to acknowledge the important contributions that dogs made to the exploration of Antarctica.

2011 Killer Whale Silver Proof Coin

Appearing in 2011 as the eighth strike of the series was the Killer Whale Silver Proof Coin. This strike, like the others before it, featured a reverse complete with an outline of Antarctica and a colorized scene inside that outline.”

Mar 292012

We recently struck two coins celebrating The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee for inclusion in a large overseas continuity program featuring Commonwealth commemoratives.

As of today, the two Perth-made Australian legal tender coins may be ordered from the Mint in this exclusive two-coin set.

The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Two-Coin Set is a magnificent double Australian tribute to Her Majesty.

Struck from 1oz of 99.9% pure silver, the coins feature reverse designs symbolising Her Majesty’s 1952 Accession and 1954 Royal Tour.

As well as a representation of a portrait of The Queen, each 2012-dated coin also includes a detailed 24-carat gilded motif of St Edward’s Crown and Royal Shield.

Extremely Limited Mintage

Just 1,000 of these two-coin sets will be released exclusively by The Perth Mint in presentation packaging accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Click for full details: Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Two-Coin Set

Mar 272012

We’d like to share this video with collectors who may be interested in learning more about The Perth Mint’s many other activities, including refining, bullion and investment program solutions. So meet Nigel Moffatt, who has been Treasurer of The Perth Mint for over 20 years. Because of his experience, Nigel is often sought for press comment and does media interviews, like this most recent one, with New York’s The Street.

Mar 262012
Part One

Completing a set of sovereigns from the Royal Mint Perth is one of the most popular objectives of Australian gold coins collectors.

The satisfaction of viewing a complete set of these coins in superior condition is all the greater when one considers the hardship the first Western Australian prospectors endured and the immense risks they took.

The Perth Mint made gold sovereigns for the British Empire using Western Australian gold between 1899 and 1931. In that time it produced 106 million sovereigns and 735,000 half sovereigns.

A complete set of Perth Mint sovereigns spans 32 years, four obverse types and 33 dates.

Given the relatively high and uniform level of gold produced in Western Australia, many Perth sovereigns are relatively easy to obtain, even in uncirculated quality.

It is precisely for this reason that collecting a complete set of Perth Mint sovereigns is popular, although the rarity of several dates ensures that it is no easy task!

To select one coin that is representative of the entire Perth Mint series, collectors can choose from two equally affordable options. The 1899 coin is an obvious choice, while the King George V Small Head portrait type from the final years of production is also appealing.

Andrew Crellin’s numismatic career began at The Perth Mint. Subsequently he spent over a decade in Sydney with two of Australia’s leading numismatic dealers. In that time he wrote two acclaimed books on Australian numismatics, appraised The Perth Mint’s archival collection and was nominated to the position of Secretary of the Australasian Numismatic Dealer’s Association. Back in Perth, his company Sterling and Currency specialises in Australian coins and banknotes, from the Holey Dollar of 1813 through to the modern coin sets.