Mar 022012

Today marks the launch of a new high relief silver proof coin celebrating the Year of the Dragon. As well as the showing the finished coin, this short video is for collectors interested in the master tooling and production dies made by The Perth Mint for this special release.

You’ll see two steel billets (the master tooling), which are used to manufacture the production dies. The dies are engraved with ‘negatives’ of the obverse and reverse designs, from which ‘positive’ images are transferred to the blanks during minting. In this case, the dies are slightly more convex than usual, allowing us to increase the design depth for the best high relief result. Although the finsihed coin has a smaller diameter than our standard-sized 1oz proof release, it has extra thickness – as the video demonstrates.

Place an order for your 2012 Australian Lunar High Relief Dragon Silver Proof Coin here.


  8 Responses to “Silver Coin Features Dragon Design in ‘High Relief’”

  1. Looks sensational and is a perfect 1st birthday present from my son’s grandparents who are looking for a 2012 coin but its strange to promote this coin that is unavailable on the website for ordering on the day the promotion arrives in the main and via web.

  2. Nice work on the videos, keep up the good work!

  3. Great video. Good work!

    When will the ordered coin be sent out?

  4. Blog team, please review this youtube video of the HR Dragon; it’s truly a wonderful coin and video.


    Billy Black Smith

  5. Ordered my Year of the Dragon High Relief coin online back on the 2nd of March. I have confirmed order number… When will they ship???

    Anyone else have to wait this long?

    Jason in Michigan


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