Mar 072012

Popular Release Back In Stock

We’re pleased to announce the re-stocking of our website with the 2012 Gilded Dragon.

Made from 1oz of 99.9% pure silver in specimen quality, the popular release depicts a dragon gilded in 24-carat gold. No more than 50,000 of these coins will be released.

For further information or to place an order while current stocks last, click here.

2012 Perth ANDA Coin Show Special

Also now available on the website is our 2012 Perth ANDA Celebrate Australia Coin Show Special.

The coin’s coloured reverse symbolises Western Australia’s world heritage-listed Shark Bay with a dugong and seagrass in turquoise, sun-warmed waters.

Struck from 1oz of 99.9% pure silver in proof quality, only 2,500 will be released.

You can read more and place an order for this very limited release here.


  5 Responses to “More Gilded Dragons Available Online”

  1. Blog Team

    Often there is a common question regarding “Specimen” grade quality coins such as the 1oz silver gilded dragon.

    Could you please provide a a brief “official” statement or description, of what the Perth Mint means by a specimen coin.

    I’ve heard that the specimen 2oz coloured dragon coins released for the ANDA coin show recently were all hand picked specimen coins.

    So, if possible please provide your best detailed information about your specimen coins so that I and others can pass on your words to others.

    Kind regards

    Billy Black Smith

  2. Restock the “2oz coloured dragon ANDA coin show” please and we will be happy!! 🙂
    The golden dragons qty is too high. 50.000 is too much.

  3. Dear Blog Team…

    What are the difference for the availability’s status at the web : unavailable with price tag and unavailable with no price tag?
    Is the unavailable soon become sold out? Is there any chance to buy the unavailable one?

    For making ur customer comfort, i think u should make a clear status at web. No problem with “sold out” so we finally stop hoping to buy that coin.

    • There are a few reasons why you may see ‘Unavailable’ on the website.

      We may be awaiting further stock from the factory.

      We may have fully sold the website allocation.

      Alternatively, it could be that the mintage is close to sell out. Only when all wholesale and retail orders still in the pipeline are dispatched will we officially announce Sold Out.

      The presence or not of a ‘price tag’ has no significance.



  4. Hi Blog Team,
    Following the well formulated question of Billy Black Smith previously I would like to add some questions as well.

    How can you distinguish the difference between a specimen graded coin and a bullion coin in general and in particular where it concerns coins from the Perth Mint?

    So far I have seen 2oz coloured Tigers, Rabbits, and recently (in Germany) Dragons which are offered on the secondary market and come in a capsule only.
    Are these ‘non-proof’ 2oz coloured Lunar II coins (personally I have classified them as ‘non-ANDA’s’) bullion coins or are they specimen graded coins like the initially released ANDA-Lunars?

    Hopefully you can shine a light on this topic and share your knowledge with the wider audience.

    Thank you so much in advance for your support in this matter.



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