Mar 162012


Sales of the 2012 Discover Australia 99.99% pure gold proof coin series opened this month.

The gold coins feature five animal designs depicting a Green and Gold Bell Frog, Whale Shark, Kookaburra, Red Kangaroo, and Goanna.

Issued as Australian legal tender, the coins can be acquired individually in 1/2oz, 1/10oz, or 1/25oz sizes. Five-coin sets are also available for each different size.

Extremely Limited Mintages

No more than 500 1/2oz, 1,000 1/10oz and 2,500 1/25oz coins featuring each design will be issued by The Perth Mint.


  2 Responses to “Extremely limited mintages for Discover Australia gold coins”

  1. Design, production and price!


    Wholly dooly! ๐Ÿ™‚

    2012 Discover Australia – Red Kangaroo 1/2oz Gold Proof Coin 1217ECAA AUS $1,495.00

    For the same price, Perth customersI can buy the following limited edition bullion gold coins:

    *2012 Australian Kangaroo 1/2 oz Gold Bullion Coin = $853.26

    *2012 Australian Kangaroo 1/4oz Gold Bullion Coin = $513.54

    *2012 Australian Lunar Year of the Dragon 1/20oz Gold Bullion Coin = $122.46

    Total $1489.26

    Regardless, the Discover Australia gold proof set contain very nice coins; it’s also nice to see the coins available individually.

    Unfortunately, they seem a little to expensive, so I’ll stick with the Discover Australia 2012 Silver Five-Coin Set for $535.00 ๐Ÿ™‚


    Billy Black Smith

  2. yep.. i think perthmint so overprice now (for gold and silver coin). Make me think twice to buy the coins and finally i must make a tight selection what coin to buy..


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