Mar 272012

We’d like to share this video with collectors who may be interested in learning more about The Perth Mint’s many other activities, including refining, bullion and investment program solutions. So meet Nigel Moffatt, who has been Treasurer of The Perth Mint for over 20 years. Because of his experience, Nigel is often sought for press comment and does media interviews, like this most recent one, with New York’s The Street.


  2 Responses to “Treasurer talks about The Perth Mint”

  1. So Mr. Nigel Moffatt, has been Treasurer of The Perth Mint for over 20 years.


    I would have thought a man in such a Senior and Prestigious position would have access to financial details and records regarding precious metal production.

    It’s very clear to Australian investors and the International market that Perth does not have the resources to keep up to date mintage figures for such simple items as, the now, out of production line, such as the 2011 mintage of gold and silver bullion coins.

    How on earth, could any International or Local investor have faith in Perth to hold an allocation of precious metal for them when they can’t even provide basic records like mintage figures?

    I enjoyed the video, I do respect the Gentleman’s position at Perth, but if he has been in the job 20 years, he really needs to have up to date data at his finger tips, and to reconcile the books IAW Perth’s written doctrine.

    Maybe he has, maybe he doesn’t, I don’t know but as customers we can only base comments on outcomes.

    Sorry to sound so negative Perth Blog Team, but in todays modern world someone needs to produce outcomes for investors, stackers and collectors.

    So when will we know the mintage details for 2011?

    Last mintage figures were:
    Sales as at 31 December 2010
    Last updated 12 October 2011

    We eagerly await your response!

    Kind regards

    Billy Black Smith


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