Apr 302012

If we’re going to answer the question what is Western Australia’s first coin, the most obvious answer is a gold sovereign struck by The Perth Mint in 1899. But there’s another candidate that could legitimately be considered as Western Australia’s first coin – as I suggest in the following video.

Andrew Crellin’s numismatic career began at The Perth Mint. Subsequently he spent over a decade in Sydney with two of Australia’s leading numismatic dealers. In that time he wrote two acclaimed books on Australian numismatics, appraised The Perth Mint’s archival collection and was nominated to the position of Secretary of the Australasian Numismatic Dealer’s Association. Back in Perth, his company Sterling and Currency specialises in Australian coins and banknotes, from the Holey Dollar of 1813 through to the modern coin sets.

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Apr 302012

Perth Mint designer Wade Robinson

Wade Robinson is preparing to celebrate 10 years as a Perth Mint coin designer. After all that time, he’s lost none of his enthusiasm for the challenge.

In a recent interview published by Coin Update, Wade revealed that he still gets a “great feeling to see my initials on the coins I have designed.”

As you might expect, many Perth Mint issues over the past decade display Wade’s creative talents.

Check out the article to see if the designs on any of your coins were created by Wade.

Apr 242012

Nursing Review is offering its readers a chance to win our ANZAC Day Australian $1 coin, which this year pays tribute to nurses who have served alongside Australia’s Defence Forces in every conflict and peacekeeping mission since 1879.

For competition details, please visit Nursing Review.

The design on the Australian $1 coin portrays nurses from both World Wars and a patient receiving care. A bugler in silhouette, the inscriptions Lest We Forget and the date of ANZAC Day, April 25, are also included in the coin's reverse design.

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Apr 242012

We’re excited about the forthcoming international commemorative coins contest, Coin Constellation, hosted by Watermark Press.

Coin Constellation is an annual awards ceremony that acknowledges outstanding coin designs from around the world.

We entered several 2011-dated coins to compete in the 2012 event. These include: Love, Working Dogs – Beagle, Workings Dogs – German Shepherd, Australian Bush Babies – Koala, Australian Antarctic Territory – Killer Whale, Platypus Dreaming, Ships that Changed the World – Santa Maria, the individual Lunar Calendar Year of the Rabbit and the Lunar Calendar Series – Year of the Rabbit.

Each coin will compete across the award categories of ‘unique concept’, ‘successful artistic solution’, ‘original technology’, ‘coin classic’, ‘souvenir coin’, ‘series of the year’, ‘silver coin of the year’, ‘gold coin of the year’ and ‘coin of the year’.

How to Vote

Visit www.Gold10.ru to register to vote. Once registered, you will be able to vote for your choice from a prestigious line-up of international coin issues competing in this year’s Coin Consteallation awards.

Some of the coins entered by The Perth Mint on the ballot web page.

Voting closes on 31 May with the winners to be announced on 14 June in Moscow, Russia.

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Apr 212012

It’s one of the most heart-rending chapters in Burke and Wills’ ill-fated expedition to cross Australia from south to north.

On 21 April 1861, exhausted by their tumultuous return journey from the Gulf of Carpentaria, Burke, Wills and King staggered into Camp 65 on the banks of Cooper Creek hoping to be re-united with other members of their party led by William Brahe.

With tragic mistiming, Brahe and his hungry party had departed only hours before having waited more than four months for the return of the intrepid explorers. What supplies they could afford to leave were buried under a Coolibah tree carved with the word ‘DIG’.

More misfortune for Burke and Wills followed this fateful day – as Nicholas Hadnutt from the Queensland Museum relates in this lecture:

The Last Days of Burke and Wills
Presented by Nicholas Hadnutt
Queensland Museum

Burke and Wills’ sad demise contrasts so dramatically with their expedition’s grand departure from Royal Park, Melbourne, which is portrayed on the envelope of this 2010 commemorative stamp and coin cover.


Buy now: Burke & Wills Stamp and Coin Cover

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Apr 202012

Here’s a picture published by The West Australian of The Perth Mint’s Neil Vance with two spectacular Year of the Dragon bullion coins. Made from 10kg of 99.99% pure gold and 10kg 99.9% pure silver, the huge coins are currently valued at more than $514,000 and $12,500 respectively. (Bullion coins are aimed at investors and prices vary in accordance with spot markets). Because they’re so tricky to make, Neil said that only a handful will be struck.

How we made the 10kg Dragon coins

Watch this video for more information about the making of these magnificent Australian legal tender coins.