Apr 032012

We are enormously proud to present our Australian Olympic Team five-coin set. Officially approved by the Australian Olympic Committee, these dazzling tributes salute the athletes preparing to represent Australia at this year’s Games.

‘Dragonmania’ continues unabated, and the ten-coin set celebrates the dawn of the Year of the Dragon magnificently.

The final release in the Famous Battles in Australian History series commemorates the battle of Long Tan which took place during the Vietnam War.

This month also sees the release of two Australian Koala coins, and the Mini-Roo coin – all featuring new 2012 designs.

These and other exciting products make April another great minting month!

  • 2012 Australian Olympic Team
    $1 Five-Coin Set (Australia Only)
  • Australian Lunar Series II
    2012 Year of the Dragon
    1oz Silver Ten-Coin Set
  • Famous Battles in Australian History – Long Tan
    2012 1oz Silver Proof Coin
  • Australian Koala
    2012 1kg Silver Proof Coin
  • Australian Koala
    2012 1/10oz Silver Coin in Card
  • 2012 Mini Roo
    0.5g Gold Coin
  • Wildlife in Need – Black Rhinoceros
    2012 1oz Silver Proof Coin
  • H.M. Queen Elizabeth – Diamond Jubilee
    2012 1oz Silver Two-Coin Set

For comprehensive details please visit our Recent Releases webpage.


  3 Responses to “April 2012 New Coins Out Today”

  1. Hi Blogteam,
    It appears something is not working properly within the site of the PM.

    If you try to look up the 2012 1 kilo silver proof Koala it will only appear when using the search box.

    Neither the above link ‘recent releases’ or the ‘Home> Silver Coins > Australian Koala’ will show this coin.

    Perhaps you can forward this message to the IT department.


    • Hi Mokum

      If you are in Europe or Russia, the 2012 Australian Koala 1kg silver proof coin is available exclusively through Silber-Corner.

      As a result, The Perth Mint website is unable to sell the coin in this region.

      Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

      • Hi Blogteam,
        Firstly thanks for your prompt response.

        About Silber-Corner be informed that as an EU citizen you are NOT allowed to purchase from it unless you are from Germany or Austria.
        When you live in Europe in Liechtenstein, Norway, or Switzerland you are lucky as well but as you know they are no part of the EU.

        Reason for this is the fiscal construction Silber-Corner is using which allows them to offer coins against a low price.

        Furthermore, I have tested the ability to order it from the PM site and it works fine for me though living in the EU not in one of the countries mentioned above.

        As no restriction for EU collectors is mentioned, would it not be better to high-light this so other people would not be disappointed when they receive a cancellation notification from the PM afterwards?

        Thanks & take care.



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