Apr 172012

ANZAC Day tribute available from today

Nurses first tended Australian troops injured in the Boer War. During World War I they were known as ‘front line angels’. This 2012 ANZAC Day Stamp and Coin Cover salutes all nurses who have served and continue to serve Australia with such supreme dedication.


  2 Responses to “NEW: 2012 ANZAC Day Stamp and Coin Cover”

  1. I’d like to include an image in my new book of the 2012 ANZAC Day stamp depicting the bugler and the nurse. “From Babel to Baha’i” in its Foreword. praises Australia and New Zealand uniquely for commemorating the great human sacrifice of a military defeat in the hope that all war will end. The peace credentials of ANZAC Day are not widely appreciated.
    What I’m inquiring about is the copy right situation re the image?


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