Apr 202012

Coming soon: Australian Lunar Series II – 2012 Year Of The Dragon 1oz Silver Coloured (Purple) Edition

  • Specimen quality 99.9% pure silver coloured coin
  • Australian legal tender
  • Extremely limited edition – 5,000
  • Brisbane ANDA Coin Show packaging
  • Numbered Certificate of Authenticity


Venue:  Brisbane Table Tennis Centre, 86 Green Terrace Downey Park, Windsor.
Dates: 26th and 27th May 2012


  10 Responses to “Brisbane Coin Show Special”

  1. Who do I have to bribe to get one of those shipped to Europe?

  2. Will there be a Dragon ANDA coin for the Melbourne and Sydney shows later this year?

  3. fantastic looking coin.Hope that some are available to those not able to attend the show.

    • Hi Michael

      Thanks for your appreciation. As we’ve already indicated to Michal J (above), there is an allocation of this coin reserved for website buyers which will become available on Monday 28 May.


      Blog Team

  4. And further to my question on Friday 🙂

    The purple Dragon coin was also featured in a 9 coin Chinese Dragon set… has the entire 20,000 mintage for this set been produced and shipped?

    So we can expect that there are 20,000 (from Chinese set) + 2,500 (from Australian set) + 5,000 (Brisbane Show Coin) = 27,500 Purple dragon coins?

    • Hi Bullion Baron

      You are correct that we have three products featuring the purple Dragon coin, accounting for a total of 27,500 coins. Final sales figures for each product will be declared next year.


      Blog Team

  5. Hi Blog Team,
    If there is a special offering price for those who are attending to the Brisbane ANDA show, does this mean the price differs on the 28 May 2012 when listed on the PM site?

    If so, what will be the selling price on the PM site.



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