Apr 202012

Here’s a picture published by The West Australian of The Perth Mint’s Neil Vance with two spectacular Year of the Dragon bullion coins. Made from 10kg of 99.99% pure gold and 10kg 99.9% pure silver, the huge coins are currently valued at more than $514,000 and $12,500 respectively. (Bullion coins are aimed at investors and prices vary in accordance with spot markets). Because they’re so tricky to make, Neil said that only a handful will be struck.

How we made the 10kg Dragon coins

Watch this video for more information about the making of these magnificent Australian legal tender coins.


  2 Responses to “Mint lights up lunar year: The West Australian

  1. Hello,
    is it possible still to buy “10 kg silver coins”, lunar II, mouse (2008) and ox (2009) directly by Perth Mint ?
    When it is possible, what is the price?
    And, when it isn’t possible, where can I get these coins?

    With friendly regards
    Klaus Rückert


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