May 012012

A further allocation of the Dragons of Legend – Chinese Dragon 1oz Silver Proof Coin is available with immediate effect on the website.

Our initial stocks were snapped up by collectors at a rapid rate on going live last night.

Please act quickly to secure this extremely popular coin from The Perth Mint’s limited supply. Buy now.


  15 Responses to “Chinese Dragon of Legend coin available again after early stock snapped up by collectors”

  1. Your allocations are too small. Other collectors from western time zones miss the coins again.

  2. waiting for uncertainty.. there’s a available sign so i can take it to my shopping chart.
    but at the final step, it can’t be submitted and there’s a message : there’s no stock at them mint. u should go back to step 1.

    so clever the perth.. so silly i am..


    There has been amazing interest in this product and since this post our extra allocation has been exhausted. Unfortunately it’s now extremely unlikely that we will have any more stock for the website outside the possibility of a few order cancellations.

    Please try our telephone sales department on 1800 098 817 or +61 8 9421 7218.


    Blog Team

  4. This collection really needs to be restricted to one purchase per person. All the allocation is gone in less than 12 hours because resellers buy dozens and then sell them off on eBay 🙁

  5. Amanda is right. The series has proven very popular and should be limited to 1 per person so that speculators can’t scoop up dozens (if not more) and then resell them. I hope to collect the series but this makes it very difficult.

    Can you give the names of other Perth distributors that have gotten allocation so that we can watch them for more opportunities to buy? (I’m a US collector).


    • Hi Nate

      As you no doubt spotted, this is a ‘Commissioned product struck by The Perth Mint’. Hence we are not wholesaling the coin; and hence our very limited allocations.

      We made the coin on behalf of Coin Club Australia and it looks like they still have stock.

      Good luck

      Blog Team

  6. Hmm…still waiting for the stock to be available. Hotter than the 10 coins (year of dragon) set.

  7. Coin Club is now pretty much sold out too. Fingers crossed they can fill my order…

  8. I’m from California, tried to log on the Perth Mint web site from 8:30 am to 10:45 am without luck, the site was crashed. Email Perth Mint, no respond. Finally the site was up and running, too late. Been able to put 6 in my cart but cannot check out because coin was not available. Sad to find out others on eBay selling 20s and 50s in batches.

    • Hi Belinda Wu

      Great to hear from California!

      Demand has been strong for the allocations we secured and we’ve been able to satisfy a great many personal, single-order customers.

      Don’t forget that the coin was available through multiple outlets and it’s possible that some buyers have been visiting various sources to build up this quantity of product.

      However, to everyone following this thread, please be careful of auction sellers offering batches of up to 50 coins because we can’t see how 24 hours after launch they’ve got that many in- stock.

      Best wishes

      Blog Team

  9. I’m from Montana and up to now have been a frequent and loyal customer of the Perthmint. I checked the website every few minutes starting Apr 31 and am still checking the site. I am extremely frustrated and disappointed in the way you handled the selling of this coin. I cannot make a call to Perthmint with all those numbers, nor does e-mail work to send a message. You need to correct the errors you made so that many people in the states may purchase a coin. I look forward to the siberian tiger as I have the first four.

  10. “we can’t see how 24 hours after launch they’ve got that many in- stock.”
    —–they dont have to have it in stock, they state it is pre-sale and they have confirmed orders. thats enough.

  11. Now coin is available on


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