May 222012

2010 High Relief Pheidippidis’ Marathon Run

2010 High Relief Sydney Cove Medallion

2011 High Relief Australian Kangaroo

Australian high relief silver proof strikes are rapidly becoming a popular collecting genre.This is confirmed by the early interest in the first ever Australian Kookaburra 1oz high relief silver proof coin, released at the beginning of May. Already, very nearly half the total mintage of 10,000 coins has been shipped in response to strong worldwide demand.

High relief silver coins were introduced by The Perth Mint in 2010 with a Tuvalu release commemorating the story of Pheidippidis – the ancient Greek who ran 25 miles to Athens with news of his army’s historic triumph at the Battle of Marathon.

It was followed by a special Australian commemorative issue portraying Josiah Wedgwood’s historic Sydney Cove Medallion, an extremely significant artefact made from clay found near Sydney Cove in 1788.

Subsequently, we’ve focused on high relief coins from some of our most popular silver series. Not surprisingly, the high relief 1oz silver proof Dragon from this year’s Australian Lunar series was a major international success – with a limited mintage of 7,500 coins, it sold out rapidly!

Later this year in July we will release our third 1oz Australian Kangaroo high relief silver coin. The series got off to an outstandingly successful start in 2010 with a popular release that is no longer available from the Mint. However, anyone thinking about beginning a collection of high relief issues should not overlook the 2011 Kangaroo coin with its superb kangaroo design.

The undoubted interest these coins have already generated have put the high relief concept firmly on our agenda and we’re working on new projects that will make for some exciting announcements in the future.


  8 Responses to “High relief silver – a popular new coin genre to collect”

  1. In reality, high relief coins have not been popular among collectors.
    The very issue is the coin’s diameter is way too small to showcase its design.
    As a proof, high relief dragon has been selling below issue price.

    Please increase the diameter of the high relief coin and reduce mintage to increase its popularity again.

    Last but not least, it is time to reduce the premium on silver proof because silver price is way way down. Gone are the days where collectors will pay $107 for 1oz coins whose metal worth is only less than $30/oz. The mark-up is way too high. Don’t we all agree?

  2. Don’t think they can increase diameter because the blank has to be extra thick for high relief. Unless they add more metal and make it a 2 ounce?

  3. Goblue & Simo,

    You’re both right. They should increase the coins to the same diameter as regular coins, make them 2 oz, and sell them for $100 or $50/oz.

  4. I could certainly get behind two ounce high relief proof silver coins.

    I definitely don’t agree with the rest of Goblue’s comments (well, I wouldn’t mind price decreases!), however. By far the most interesting products from Perth this year have been their high-relief proof coins. I am hoping we will see a high-relief one ounce silver koala later in the year, or perhaps next year.

  5. Some interesting observations here that we have noted.


  6. I love that you make high-relief hard to find high-relief coin.I buy the 2010 High Relief Sydney Cove Medallion coin,i love love look at the coin & it the 1 best coin i have.

    when i see that the mint was selling Sydney Cove Medallion coin i had to save up money so i can have a high-relief my only thanks for make the coin.

    I love that the mint is making AUSTRALIAN KANGAROO 1OZ SILVER PROOF HIGH RELIEF COIN,so a lot of people can have the coin.

    but the mint also need to make more high-relief coin with limited Mintage like 2600 between 5000

  7. In response to the above I would say that you should not change the current high reliefs. The fact that they are small 1oz’s makes them in my view interesting coins to collect and the second mint producing proof ‘piedforts’ the Perth Mint did an excellent job so far.

    Producing ‘piedforts’ at a 2oz level makes me fantasize already, and it would be a great marketing move if the Perth Mint decides to produce them as first mint.

    On the pricing issue mentioned in the first response I would like to mention that when comparing the release prices of the previous Perth Mint HR coins you will notice that the price has not changed significantly. All have been released at a price of approx. $100.



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