May 282012

Our Brisbane ANDA Coin Show Special is now available for sale at a cost of $99.00 (plus shipping).

The Australian Lunar Series II – 2012 Year of the Dragon 1oz Silver Coloured (Purple) Edition is an extremely limited release of just 5,000.

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  2 Responses to “Brisbane Coin Show Special Update”

  1. 5000 mintage for purple ANDA dragon is way too high to be worth collecting. 1500 -2500 is the proper mintage in my opinion. Not only that, this coin is no different from the purple coin in over 20000 set of Chinese 9 coin set and the 2500 set of 10coin Australian set. The only difference is the packaging box.
    Perth Mint needs to learn its lesson not to dilute the quantity of numismatic coins which leads to decrease of value. Many collectors have voiced this issue so this need to be noted seriously.

    The very least, add a new stamp or etch or privy to the coin to make it special if the Min is too lazy to come up with new design.

    Dear Mint. Please stop milking the dragon. Collectors are almost dragoned out.
    There are 2 more Anda shows to go. Please use a new colour and not just recycle the same colour from 10 coin set.

    Also, please stop announcing new items where you do not have them in stock. These new items have long been registered and planned ahead so please have them in stock prior to announcement. Waiting two to three weeks just kill the whole joy of collecting.

    Time to do things better.
    Happy printing wisely and we keep collecting.

    • Thank you for all your comments.

      Look out for a sell out announcement regarding the the Purple ANDA Dragon release soon!

      On the issue of coins being out of stock at launch, we do try and avoid this situation arising. However, unforeseen circumstances arise now and again which put this beyomd our control.

      Kind Regards

      Blog Team


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