May 282012

Available to order from today, these spectacular gold (mintage 60) and silver (mintage 600) kilo coins are magnificent Diamond Jubilee commemoratives.

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St Edward’s Crown reverse design

Featured on the Golden Jubilee 1 kilo gold and silver proof coins is St Edward’s Crown, which is used for the coronation of the sovereign.

The original Crown, which dates back to and was named after Edward the Confessor (died 1066), was broken up in 1649 after the execution of King Charles I in the time of Oliver Cromwell.

With the Restoration of the Monarchy in 1660, a new Crown was made. Thought to incorporate fragments of the earlier version, it was modelled on the original as closely as possible.

St Edward’s Crown consists of a gold band decorated with precious stones surrounded by diamonds. Within the band there is an ermine trimmed velvet ‘cap of estate’, once a separate headpiece. From the band extend four crosses patée and four fleurs-de-lys, each adorned with diamonds and other gems.

The crosses support two gold arches decorated with gems and edged with silver pearls. At the point of intersection rises a single cross patée on a mound of gold, both ornamented with gems.

Weighing 2.23 kilograms, the Crown contains some 440 precious and semi-precious stones.

St Edward’s Crown was last used by the Archbishop of Canterbury on 2 June 1953 to crown Queen Elizabeth II in Westminster Abbey.


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