Jun 052012

Purpose-built tooling and die design give the new Australian Map Shaped 1oz Silver Coin – Kookaburra a unique shape, exclusive to The Perth Mint. Struck from 1oz of 99.9% pure silver, the Australian legal tender coin has a limited mintage of 6,000.

For your chance to win, simply rearrange the following letters to solve the anagram!

Clue: Explorer Mathew Flinders first published this work in 1814.

How to enter:
Email your answer to anagram@perthmint.com.au. Mark your reply ‘June 2012 Anagram Competition’ and include your name, telephone and Perth Mint membership number or Twitter username. Entries close by 02 July 2012. Eligible entrants will be included in the free draw and the winner will be notified by telephone or email. (T&Cs)

Last Month’s Winner: Congratulations H Brown of New South Wales.


  7 Responses to “ANAGRAM – Win an Australian Map Shaped 1oz Silver Coin – Kookaburra”

  1. Please tell the public the total quantity of coins that would be in the series. Also we need to know how often would each coin be released? Every 3 month? Twice a year?

    Please adjust or lower the pricing of your numismatic silver coins because pog silver is way down at the moment.

    The gap of pricing between proof coin and bullion is way too far. At the moment, proof coin costs 4 x the spot price of silver. Please reduce it to 3x spot price of silver or less.

    Also, is 5oz Chinese Dragon coin a 1 off coin on its own or is it part of a series? We really need to know. Is it still being commissioned by Coin Club?

    • Ho Goblue

      We are planning to release two Australian map shaped coins this year. The next release portrays an Emu. As far as we know at this point, there will be five coins in the series with no more than two releases per year. Please follow the blog for updates and confirmations.

      Coin Club are the best people to comment on possible future 5oz Dragon coin releases.

      Thanks for your other points which are being considered.


      Blog Team

  2. Wish you would give some consideration to offering the subscription to all coins in the set from day one. This would allow one to complete the set rather than to always have to be available when the next in the series is released with out possibly having to deal with secondary markets.

  3. What is the advantage of buying numismatic coins over silver bullion bars?
    Can you give an example where a numismatic coin or set has grown significant wealth?

    Regards Tom.

  4. Although making it easier for one to collect a complete series sounds ideal, the joy in collecting is also the joy of discovery and finally getting that item you like or value. If you just got the five straight up, I doubt it would be as collectible.

  5. I think that a collection of 5 is just the perfect amount to collect.It is just enough to keep a collector interested.Nice to see..


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