Jun 052012

The June Bulletin includes ten new coin releases, including the Discover Australia proof platinum coins for 2012; a 5oz Year of the Dragon silver proof coin; and the Manta Ray 1/2oz silver proof coin – our final release from Australian Sea Life II. Browse these and other new products in the latest digital Bulletin now:

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  10 Responses to “June 2012 New Product Bulletin – out today

  1. Why not send this info out a week early? Then I would know that all my hopes of purchasing the 5oz Dragon Proof would be bashed! If I can’t purchase it directly from the mint, I’m not going to purchase after the best coins have been removed to be sent to NGC!

    • We can assure you that The Perth Mint’s outstanding quality is reflected in the entire mintage of the 5oz Silver Proof Dragon.


      Blog Team

  2. Many US customers are very disappointed to see that you are not selling the 5 ounce proof dragon to US addresses. The company you made your deal with, New York Mint, has not listed the coin for sale and has no idea when it will be made available. In addition, that company does not seem to price its coins at competitive prices. Can you tell us why you chose New York Mint and whether you plan to continue making these kind of arrangements for US customers?

    • Hi Louis

      Thanks for getting in touch. New York Mint initiated the 5oz Silver Proof Dragon project. Their coins include the first strikes of these superb issues. Unfortunately we cannot comment specifically on their sales and marketing activity.

      Hope this helps


      Blog Team

      • As an US collector, I feel really really bad for that I can’t buy directly from the mint. Price is not a big issue, BUT, the quality of the coins after…………..

  3. I like the map coin and bought one for myself but the current price point is getting too high. For small collectors like myself it is becoming a real stretch to afford these.

    • Thanks for your feedback. The price reflects the special tooling and dies required to make the Australian Map Shaped series. We think they’re something quite outstanding and well worthwhile.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

      • This coin is cool, especially the box.

        • Don’t get me wrong I’m not bagging the coin. Otherwise I would not have bought one. My point is the price. I have had to become very very selective with my purchases now. When you compare that price to the current spot price of silver these coins are priced at a premium. I am in no way complaining about the quality of the perth mint products.

  4. Exclusive distributors, for US sales, are suspect to “cherry picking” coins for grading. Innocent or guilty, this is the perception. Perth, please protect your reputation, and your customers investment. Place a tamper proof seal on box flaps of all products not sold directly.


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