Jun 182012

One’s a stamp-shaped coin, the other’s a stamp; together they make a unique Australian commemorative of the London 2012 Olympics.Available from The Perth Mint from today, the 2012 Australian Olympic Team 1/2oz Silver Proof Stamp-Shaped Coin & Stamp Set includes a remarkable coin and an Australia Post 60c stamp portraying iconic symbols of London. No more than 8,000 will be issued.

Please note that our allocation is for customers ordering from within Australia only.

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  2 Responses to “Order early to beat the stampede”

  1. To the Perth Mint blog team or anyone else who cares to answer,

    I got curious about this stamp-shaped coin and googled around a bit. I discovered that you did a release for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, a “200 Years of Postal Service” coin in 2009, and a Saint Mary McKillop coin in 2010.

    Is the Beijing 2008 coin the first stamp-shaped coin you’ve produced, and to the best of your knowledge, has any other world mint ever tried doing a stamp-shaped coin before?

    • Hi CO

      Great to hear from you again and thanks for these questions. We just posted a short article about the stamp-shaped coins issued to date which we hope you find useful.

      Best wishes

      Blog Team


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