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The Perth Mint made 16,995,000 two cent coins for issue in 1968. Now, some of these early decimals are becoming increasingly sought-after.

Although our historic collection includes a number of 1968 two cent coins, they all display Stuart Devlin’s initials below the Frill-necked Lizard.

The Australian two cents was introduced in 1966 (and withdrawn from circulation in 1992). The coin’s reverse portrayed a Frill-necked Lizard by Stuart Devlin, whose initials appeared under its belly.

Except that on an unknown number of these coins, the famous designer’s initials are missing!

We now know that ‘SD’ is also missing from some 1967 and 1981 issues. Despite our best efforts to find out precisely how it occurred, the story remains a mystery.

According to rare coin dealer Andrew Crellin, the value of these two cent coins have been steadily increasing in value. “Several coins that have been independently graded as being among the finest known examples have recently made prices in excess of several thousand dollars on a leading online auction site,” he says.

No wonder there’s renewed interest in the humble two cents as people in the know scramble to check their old decimal coins… just in case.

Have you looked at yours recently?


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  1. I just checked 170 two cent coins.

    No luck for Billy 🙂 lol

    Thanks for sharing Blog Team.


    Billy Black Smith

    • I have just gone through a heap of my old 2c pieces and have come across a heap circulated in 67 and 81, what do I look for and r they valuable.

  2. I have 3 1968 20 cent coins with no SD initials.
    I have contact RAM and are advised that to their knowledge no specimens exist.

  3. I have just found a 1967 2c coin with no SD, can anyone help with the value please.

  4. Hi,
    Just wondering what value a 2c coin has with only one side cast? Can’t tell the year as that is the side missing.

    • David – Genuine “Uniface” coins like this are extremely rare, very few are known of Australian decimal coins outside public collections.

      I’d suggest it’s most likely your coin has been altered by someone after it was made – a backyard job. The first test to run to determine if it’s genuine is to weigh it – a coin that has had the design on one side removed will weigh less than a normal 2 cent coin. Yours should weigh 5.18 grams, no less.

      If it does come up at the right weight, you should then take it to a dealer for a physical appraisal.

      Andrew Crellin

      • Thanks for the info. Using kitchen scales it does come up to weight (nearest gram) but that’s not sensitive enough to be overly accurate. I’ll take it to a dealer as suggested.

      • I have 9 1967 2c coins with one of those without SD signature under the frill, and 13 1981 2c coins with SD on them. R they valuable..I have other 2c coins from nearly every year as well as 1c coins as well. Can u please advise me on value

  5. I swear to u i have one with the initials SD under its belly and very small

  6. i have a 2c coin that has the date of 1966 and has the sd initials sd on it..
    And would like to know if it is rare or not..

  7. I have to 2c coin that are gold in colour but some has worn off in parts and come up silver ? 1988 1989 coins, I can not find out anything about these coins anywhere. I’ve got a picture if that will help ?

    • Does someone out there know anything about these coins? If so, please help Trent.

      Blog Team

      • Hi There,

        I have found a silver 2c coin from 1988 as well. It is in pretty good condition; I’m pretty certain it would scrub up well but I can’t find any reference online to it aside from Trent’s comment above.

        Any help would be appreciated.

        • I have a pretty well perfect 2 cent piece without SD inials and some number of other coins so who wants a big Wednesday fiçrst to contact me gets job and a great future so I’m going to send u a scan

  8. I’ve got one with SD 1968. How much dose it cost?

  9. I am a little confused…Are we looking for 2 cent coins WITH SD or WITHOUT SD?? :-/

  10. Hi Blog Team

    My son and I found 6 in our 2c coin collection with no SD

    How can I get them verified and valued?

    We live in Adelaide


    • Wow! We suggest you take them to a coin dealer who belongs to the Australian Numismatic Dealers Association for further advice. You can find a list of ANDA dealers here.

      Best of luck

      Blog Team


  11. I worked in a hotel in Australia in the early 1970s. Because I knew the 1968 one and two cent coins were scarce, I used to rat out the change. I have 14 one cent coins and 40 two cent coins. two of them have no sd. I live in NZ who could I find who might be interested in buying them.

  12. HI i have 1968 no sd and no middle leg at all.coin in excelent condtion.would this be rite to say my coin could be worth $the same amount.thanks Daryl.

  13. thankyou

  14. I have a 1966 s.d. 2 cent australian coin what’s its value???

  15. hi been through all my 2 cent coins have 20 1967 no sd and 4 1968 no sd and 1 .1966 no sd.eny help.and allso wicth coin year is the 1 to have with no sd thankyou.

  16. I have one that has the initials backwards (DS) is that rare and I also have one with no initials and no date

  17. Value of 2 cent coin. 1981. No initials-SD. Good condition. Thanks.

  18. Have just gone through my coins and I have 6 1981 2 cents coins and 1 1968 coins and they all have the mark. 🙁

  19. i have 2 cent coin 1966. with SD initial…. u guys know its value???
    or where can i sell it??

  20. I reckon I’ve got 21 coins from 1981 and 5 from 1967 and with the naked eye i’m certain there are no “SD” initials under the lizard’s belly. Where do I go from here? Regards, Karl

  21. Hi I have a 2 cent frilled neck lizard 2 cents and it either has the initial the number 10 or 18 plz reply

  22. I have 72 with initials, does anyone know the value of them?

  23. I have a heap of 2 and 1 cent coins. I’m just wondering where is the best place to try n sell them ? Also what is this SD you speak of ?

  24. Hey I have nine 1 cent coins made in 1966 how much could this be worth ?
    I was just wondering please get back to me thanks
    I have many more but I’ll comment once I find out the dates thanks

  25. I have a 66 and a 67 both without the sd:) any help would be great…

  26. I have a 66 and a 67 both without the sd But not in mint condition:( can anyone help me:) Thx

  27. I have 2 1981 two cent coins without the SD, does that make then the rare coins?

  28. I have a two cent coin right now

  29. I found one today and did some research and my coin is genuine then I stumbled across this website and I was like ohh sd…. I looked on my coin with a magnifying glass and realized the SD very small though. Yayayayayayay im 13 and am getting intto coin collecting.

  30. I have a lot of circulated 2c coins with the SD initials on them, even the 1966 ones. I have rang to find out if i can get an appraisal and the guy tells me that they are worth nothing. HELP!!!!

    • Hi Leesa

      As the story says, it’s the 2c coins without the ‘SD’ initials that are more likely to be of interest, especially if they’re in very good condition.

      Blog Team

  31. I just found 14 2 cent coins with tiny markings down the bottom my great grand nana gave me ….i can only just make out the initials I used to love playing with old coins but now this is really really interesting! The earliest one I have is 1966 , if these coins could talk!

  32. Hi..i have 2c coins dated 1966 and 1981..

  33. um ihave heaps of coins .ido have one 1968 sof ar and several other dates .please email me qany where icould sell these.are there any others

  34. Hi billy,

    I have one 2 cent coin 1966. How much its value now?


  35. I have a 2cent ausralan coin no SDinitials peent and am from Canada, Cornwall Ontario. Where can I find a place to have this coin looked at? Any help appreciated.

  36. I have a 1966, 2 cent coin (Australian) no signature on it. Is it worth anything?
    Melbourne based.

    • Hi Dudley

      Sorry but we are unable to provide valuations. If it’s in really great condition, it’s worth checking with a coin dealer.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  37. Hi i have a 1968 australian 2 cent coin with no SD initials. was wondering roughly what it would be worth

    • Hi Steven

      Sorry but we cannot provide valuations – check with a coin dealer if they are in immaculate condition.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  38. Hi,
    Was hoping you could tell me if 2 cent coins were ever struck I a silver coloured metal? Also, would you know if there are many mistruck 10 cent coins around?
    Many thanks,

    • Hi David

      Thanks for the questions. As they relate to Australia’s circulating currency, you should address them to the Royal Australian Mint in Canberra.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  39. I have 1and 2 cent coins and I dont know how to get a price on them I might have at least sixty coins all up which shop and I sell it in townsville area

  40. Hi there I have a 1972 two cent coin with no initials, it’s the only two cent coin I have lol

  41. I have 2cents coin 1968. australian. anyone intrested? email me then I give picture.
    im malaysian citizen.

  42. Just bought a metal detector a couple of days ago and my first find was a 1966 two cent coin. Where are the SD initials supposed to be?

    Not bad nick for being under the ground for fifty years or so.

  43. After reading your article on the two cent missing initials.
    I looked over my few two cents,and found one. 1968 with no SD initials also a missing left foot. Has any one else come across
    this Fault.

  44. I have a 1975 2 cent coin with the SD initials on the count. Is it worth anything?

    • 2 cents. How many times does it have to be said,it’s the coins without
      the SD that are valuable!!!

  45. I meant to say coin not count

  46. Hi I have 896 of these 2cent coins and 4 1 cent coins there dated from 1966 to 1980s I havnt had a good look at them but I want to sell the lot what price should I be looking at

  47. i had a look threw ours here, I have two 1967 ones 🙂

  48. Hi, guess id better look through all my jars, also have a mint 1978 roll of 2c but i won’t be opening that just to look.

  49. HI

  50. Hi
    I have just come across a paper thin 2 cent coin in a tin of 1’s and 2′ cents, It has no date, but is the same size as a normal 2 cent without the rim and the rest of the detail is fine apart from the date. Have you heard of this before.
    Cheers Marty

    • Not heard of that before Marty. Get it checked out with a coin dealer and let us know if it’s anything interesting.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  51. I have found what seems to be a brown/copper 20c dated 1968 with no sd. Where can I find more info about it?

  52. I have 2 initial free 2 cent pieces

  53. Hi there, i have 1966 2cent with a dragon and it has SD mark under the belly of the dragon….would like to know if its rare or has a value…thanks

  54. Are they rare or not as i have just checked some of mine and found some straight away?

    • Hi Shane

      The report states an ‘unknown’ number have the initials missing and that the ‘finest known examples’ have made good prices.

      Hope this helps,

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  55. I have several 1960- 1970s 20 cent coins with no sd initial on them are they worth anything?


  56. I have a 1966 silver 2 cent coin? Any suggestions what this is?

  57. I have a 1981 and a 1967 both with missing initials does anyone know where I could take them to in Geelong

  58. I have a 1981 Fiji 2 cent coin with no initials on it and want to know what it’s worth

  59. All 2c coins with missing initials need to be checked under high magnification, a lot of coins are worn and the initials are not immediately apparent however are there. The initials are very small and not obvious to the naked eye in a lot of cases. If you are buying a coin with no initials be careful as it could be a worn coin. A miss struck coin will be rare so therefore the high value.

  60. I have a 2c coin from 1981 with no initials. I would lke to know it’s value please,and where is the australian mint close to brisbane?

    • Hi Karen

      We don’t provide valuations but if, like the article says, it’s in really great condition, why not show it to a coin dealer for an opinion?

      Gold mints were established in Australia during colonial times in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Today we have two official mints: the Royal Australian Mint in Canberra which makes circulating currency and the WA Government-owned Perth Mint which makes gold and silver investor and collector coins.

      For professional coin dealers in your area check this guide,

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

    • Hi Karen

      We don’t provide valuations but if, like the article says, it’s in really great condition, why not show it to a coin dealer for an opinion?

      Gold mints were established in Australia during colonial times in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Today we have two official mints: the Royal Australian Mint in Canberra which makes circulating currency and the WA Government-owned Perth Mint which makes gold and silver investor and collector coins.

      For professional coin dealers in your area check this guide,

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  61. Got a 68!!

  62. I found a 2 cent coin just recently. It is in pretty bad shape and I could just make out the year 1966 on the back. I hope to get it cleaned and stuff and I’m adding it to my coin collection. The coin itself is 6 times my age so I was so happy when I found It and it would have been one of the first as it is from 1966.

  63. I have 9 1966 2 cent coints and 8 1967 coins all without the “SD”. One or two of these are in UCU condition. Thee are a number of 1966 coins with very faint “SD”. The only method to view these is under microscope or strong magnification. I will have all of these on the market soon and the best stuff i prefer to sell through a coin auction to reach the best market.

  64. I have a roll of 2 cent coins still wrapped from machine at mint but the coins are heads at both ends is it worth opening them or leaving as a roll

  65. Hi i have a Canberra 1966 10c coin and i cant tell if the edge was milled or not as the whole edge is flat/round with no evidence of it being milled on the corners. Its also has the same diameter as a normal 10c coin.

    I also have a 1c 1990/1981 and a 1972 2c coin.
    And a 1976 20c coin with the initials in a weird postion bigger than it should be and is faded nearly nonexistent.

  66. I have a1979 2c with SD on it


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