Jul 262012

It’s an amazing fact that Australian mints in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth churned out more than 400,000,000 official gold sovereigns between 1855 and 1931.

The various combinations of years, reverses, monarchs and mints means that collectors must find almost 200 different coins to complete a set.

While many of these Australian-made sovereigns are readily available, rarer types spark huge interest whenever they appear on the market.

If you’ve accumulated, found or inherited some old coins, bear in mind that they may include some potentially very valuable Australian gold sovereigns. The question is, how do you know whether you’re lucky enough to have hit the jackpot?

This table reveals the rarest dates of nine different types of Australian sovereign. Any of these years could generate a reward considerably higher than the coin’s bullion value, particularly if it’s in top condition.

Table of rare Australian gold sovereigns

So what are they worth?

Andrew Crellin’s Layman’s Guide to Australian Coin Values provides useful guidance. Unlike other publications, Andrew focusses on what dealers are paying for these and other Australian coins and banknotes, giving sellers a great idea of the prices they’ll be able to achieve via a quick and convenient sale through a reputable dealer.


  8 Responses to “Nine gold sovereigns that command top dollar”

  1. Hi have a coin that my dad left me when he passed away.
    This coin is Edward VII St George 1910.

    I live in Darwin can you tell me what it is worth if I was to sell it .


  2. Hi.
    I was wondering if you could give some detail on the 1910 sov on the list here…I can’t find any indication of it being particularly rare or expensive. Can you give some detail as to why it made the list?

    • Hi David

      Andrew Crellin tells us that the Australian sovereigns from the Edward VII era are all reasonably readily available in circulated condition, however, some are much tougher to find in premium “mint” condition.

      Just which Australian Edward VII sovereign is the toughest to get in really pristine condition is open to debate, however the 1910 Perth sovereign in his experience is the hardest to come by.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  3. Hi
    I have a 1920 “Sydney” gold sovereign.
    It’s not graded and is in a fair condition. I’ve read everywhere that it’s quite rare.
    What is this worth roughly? If you can’t tell me,who can? I wouldn’t want to be ripped off if I were to sell it…


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