Aug 072012

Retail prices for existing numismatic coins have been reduced.

The price reductions reflect the lower spot market rate for silver.

Retail prices for August products released earlier today also reflect the new silver pricing structure.

Please check individual listings on our collector website for updated prices of all numismatic silver coins available from The Perth Mint.



  5 Responses to “Perth Mint announces price reduction for silver coins”

  1. It is encouraging to see Perth Mint adjusting price of numismatic silver coins albeit the adjustment is too minimal, only $2 or less per coin.
    All the specimen coins like the lunar coin show and St George Dragon are not adjusted at all. In my opinion specimen or bullion coins should be priced much lower than the proof coins.

    Perth Mint did move a step forward in listening to collectors feedback about pricing of silver but why move a step backward in raising the free shipping cost to $400?

    It is also disappointing to see the dilution or increased mintage of coloured lunar dragons (additional 5K mintage with each colour) with the announcement of too many coin show variants.

    Is Perth Mint going to announce a couple more coloured dragons before moving to snakes?

    • Hi Goblue

      The final ANDA Coloured Coin Show Special will be available at ANDA Sydney 18th and 19th August. There is also a Coin Show Special at the current ANA World’s Fair of Money.


      Blog Team

      • Hi Blog Team,
        The other question of Goblue remains unanswered…

        What is actually the reason for raising the free shipping level with AU$100 to AU$400?

        In my view it seems a somewhat strange decision and most likely a lot of loyal customers will be left puzzled.



        • Hi

          The cost of freight continues to rise and to justify this significant cost giveaway the threshold for free shipping has had to go up.

          Kind regards

          Blog Team

    • in fact, we have an increased price in range 7 sd 22,5 AUD depend on how many coin we buy.. what a game..


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