Sep 042012

See the brand new pure gold and silver proof issues from the Australian Lunar – 2013 Year of the Snake coin series.



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  1. Why Perth Mint choose to refuse to sell some products to US customers, and now may be deliberately interrupting US IP addresses? I couldnt log in for about 1/2 hour when coins were available on website and when Perth let me log in all the coins were gone. Is Perth Mint does not want to deal with US customers??

    • Hi Derek

      Sorry to hear that you experienced difficulties when tyring to purchase from The Perth Mint website today.

      Unfortunately we had very small allocations of some new products and by the sounds of things they were snapped when you were unable to login.

      We can assure you that The Perth Mint is very keen to sell in America and under no circumstances would we deliberately interrupt US IP addresses.

      If a product is unavailable in America via the website it is usually because it is subject to an exclusive distribution agreement with an official US coin distributor.

      I hope you are successful in acquiring these limited releases and thank you for contacting the Mint so that we can use your experience in our continuous efforts to improve customer service.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

      • Hi. Thank you for your reply.
        You said that you had very small allocation of some of the new coins. Can you expain to me and others collectors who wanted to buy proof set and 1 oz proof how dealers in Germany , Us etc. got hundreds of sets before Perth Mint realesed them to the public and now they selling those coins for huge premiums.
        Why dont you sell all your coins at the same time at your website. You limited those coins to 1 product per member at your website after you sell large quanities to the dealers below issue price I think.
        Give everybody chance to get coins which they want to buy.
        Limit 1 product per household ( private collector or dealer) for one week or two. If dealers wants more coins than statet limit, let them use their friends and family members to login with everybody else at Perth Mint website and try to buy coins ( like US Mint selling some of their products).
        This is win-win situation for collectors and for Pertm Mint.
        If you want use third party (dealers) as distributors of your coin tell them to sell coins for the same price you charge for them at your website for at least 1 week.
        Thank you.

        • Hi Derek

          Hopefully we can provide some insights in response to your further questions.

          The Perth Mint and our worldwide dealer network all abide by the same embrago dates – so we all start selling new products at the same time.

          At what prices dealers choose to sell is not something we control. Dealers set prices in line with their local market conditions. Even if we wished to control third-party pricing, we are unable to do so because of the Australian Competition & Consumer Act which deals with price ‘fixing’.

          The idea behind one coin per customer for a short time is to provide as many web customers as possible with an opportunity to make a purchase. Once that restriction is lifted, collectors may come back and purchase as many coins as they require (before allocation/mintage is exhausted).

          Obviously these issues arise when a product is extremely popular. However, we do take on board your comments and once again thanks you for your contribution.

          Kind regards

          Blog Team

          • Hi .
            If you unable to control third-party pricing because of the Australian Competition & Consumer Act which deals with price ‘fixing” dont sell them for example 200 popular coins or sets and sell them just 1 coin or set like to everybody else.
            Looks like Perth Mint has only restrictions to private collectors and people see that Perth Mint is not fair selling popular coins in large quantities to the dealers and offer only few coins for the “real” collectors, and I think in the near future those “real” collectors will start to boycott Perth Mint products because of this.

    • I always thought the US collectors had an advantage over Australian collectors.

      Not only do you have more coins available through The Perth Mint distributors in the US but you can also obtain your coins at a reasonable hour of the day.

      Australian clients on the East coast of Australia enjoy accessing The Perth Mint collector site very early in the morning 02:01AM and collectors from Perth also have an early start at 00:01AM.

      How do you think Australian clients feel when US citizens grab our allocation of coins when you already have the bulk of the coins in your own backyard?

      Eager collectors will have other avenues to obtain coins and, as you are aware Perth has always advertised that they have a network of distributors that can be found on The Perth Mint website they also advertise the coin release date one month before they go on sale.


      There will always be congestion problems with any web site when there is consumer demand for a small quantity of coins, so it always pays to have a contingency plan.

      Sorry to hear you had problems getting your coins and logging in; perhaps next time log-in an hour or two before hand or contact your local Perth distributor in your country; some coin dealers will allow you to pre-order.


      Billy Black Smith

  2. Hi Blog Team,

    Are you able to reveal whether you will be doing a five ounce snake proof this cycle? I wasn’t sure if the five ounce proof dragons were a one-off deal, or if you planned to make five ounce proofs a regular part of the Lunar product lineup.

  3. I got a message that customer info could not be updated. Will never purchase from again!!!!!!! Selling what overpriced crap I have!!!!!!

  4. Small comfort Derek but I live in Australia. I had the snake coins in cart but since I couldn’t log in either I missed out aswell. Small comfort like I said but you’re not the only one who suffered this annoying problem (the second time I had them in cart I spent half an hour of my time trying to log in with no result).

  5. Dear SIr,

    I have been a Perth Mint member for a long time. However, before the midday of 6th September deadline by PerthMint, both 3-coin set and 1 oz coin of snake are already unavailable, which I am keen to get one. I am wondering if you could please help.

    Thanks & regards,

  6. how many % of coins were sold from the mint website?


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