Oct 082012

The following coin releases are sold out at The Perth Mint.

Australian Map Shaped Series – Emu 2012 1oz Silver Coin
Full mintage: 6,000 sold out


Australian Opal Series – Wombat 2012 1oz Silver Proof Coin
Full mintage: 8,000 sold out


AAT Series 2008 Humpback Whale 1oz Silver Proof Coin
Full mintage: 7,500 sold out


Australian Lunar 2013 Year of the Snake 1oz Silver Proof Coin
Full mintage: 5,000 sold out


Australian Lunar 2013 Year of the Snake Three-Coin Set
Full mintage: 1,000 sold out




  4 Responses to “SOLD OUT: More silver coin sell outs”

  1. Dear Perth Mint,

    It has come across our attention that Perth Mint is going to increase the price of numismatic coins in the next few days.
    I think it is a terrible mistake to increase pricing considering almost all of your recent announcements (including lunar snake 1 oz proof) are selling below RRP price in the secondary market.

    Granted price of silver has gone up a couple dollars but you have to consider the buying power of collectors and the market demand. Granted you lowered price of coins 2 months ago by $2 to $3 but that lower price did not get relayed to collectors as dealers were still selling old higher price.

    Your terrible decision to dilute and devalue the mintage of HR Dragon and 2oz lunar proofs by adding 1000 coins also helps worsen the market demand.

    You had also increase the minimum purchase from $300 to $400 for free shipping.

    Please take a harder look at supply and demand law in the collector’s market before adjusting your price. It would be a huge mistake to raise the price of coins when market demand is decreasing rapidly or over supplied.

    By now everyone agrees that Snake is in no way comparable to Dragon.

    I think we all agree that if you ever decide to mint more coins again (of the same design) based on market demand or just pure financial profit, the coins have to be varied in one way or another by way of privy, colour, or coding. This way, the new mintage will not dilute or devalue the old mintage and more importantly, you can proudly stand behind your promise of “maximum mintage” claim on previous coins.

    Different packaging and new COA do not in any way translate to new coins if the design of coins alone is exactly the same.

    We collectors do hope you will postpone the price increase for the time being and wait for market demand to increase. Besides that, there is no guarantee that silver price is staying at current high.

    We do hope that you listen well to your faithful collectors.

    Kind Regards.

    • Hi Goblue

      Silver prices were reduced in August and we’ve held them down as long as possible. Given the fluctuation in the cost of silver it’s inevitable that we’ll need to amend retail prices – but as we’ve demonstrated, they also go down as well as up.

      Thanks for your comment,

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  2. i don’t see koala opal series are one of sold out, is it still avaiable in the perth mint?


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