Nov 022012

Budgies, the most popular of all pet birds, live happily in the companionship of humans.

But in the wild, these tiny parrots seek each other out, often gathering in astonishing numbers in search of food and water.

This video captures one of the largest flocks of budgerigars ever seen in Australia’s outback. It’s a super swarm comprising millions of birds – a great green cloud pitching and wheeling in astounding gyrations above the grassland.

Coloured Budgerigar Coin

The second coin in our new Birds of Australia silver coin series celebrates these amazing Aussie natives. Affectionate feathered friends beloved in homes throughout the world, they’re also amazingly athletic acrobats who’ve survived arid Australian conditions for millions of years.

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  2 Responses to “Amazing images of budgies swarming in ‘outback’ Australia”

  1. LOL 🙂

    I knew it, I knew it! You do listen to Billy!

    Could I have a free coin please, it would bring back memories of Pretty-Boy. (jk)

    Great video (Amazing really) and comments Blog Team! 🙂

    Fabulous design Tash, well done Perth, this bird series is very nice.

    Kind regards

    Billy Black Smith

    • Billy,

      This video is such a ripper we just had to bring it to eveyone’s attention. But the credit goes to you for finding it in the first place!

      All the best

      Blog Team


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