Nov 162012

A reader comment inspired this post about the Blog Team’s favourite Perth Mint coins.

It’s a great question because on a daily basis we’re very focused on developing and selling new coins. The opportunity to consider the hundreds we’ve issued over the past decade or so was a really enjoyable process.

Other members of the marketing department asked to contribute. Our CEO, Ed Harbuz, was also pleased to get involved. Altogether, 12 long-serving members of staff each nominated two coins they found especially memorable for thematic, aesthetic or personal reasons.

For your enjoyment, here is the result. The Evolution of Time scored two nominations. But on three votes, our “winner” is… (scroll down):

Australian Kookaburra 2002 Evolution of Time Silver Proof Coin

Australian Lunar I 2000 Year of the Dragon Silver Bullion Coin

Australia 2000
Silver Millennium Coin

HM Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee of Accession 2002 Silver Coin

15th Asian Games Doha 2006 Kilo Gold Coin

Discover Australia 2008 Broome Silver Proof Coin

Centenary of Federation 2001 Bi-Metal Coin

The First Fleet 2008
Silver Proof Coin

Mawson Station 2004 Silver Proof Coin

Australian Kookaburra 2003 Evolution of the Alphabet Silver Proof Coin

90th Anniversary of the End of World War I 2008 Gold Proof Coin

Australian Kookaburra 2008 Silver Bullion Coin

Sydney 2000 Olympics Silver Kilo Masterpiece

Discover Australia 2006 Perth Silver Proof Coin

Australian Lunar II 2010 Year of the Tiger Silver Proof Coin

Sydney Cove Medallion 2010 Silver Proof Coin

Discover Australia 2006 Uluru Silver Proof Coin

HM Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee 2012 Gold Proof Coin

Australian Platypus Annual Platinum Bullion Coin

Sydney 2000 Olympics Kangaroo & Grasstrees Silver Coin

Winner – Gregorian Millennium 2001 Bi-Metal Coin



  7 Responses to “Are these The Perth Mint’s best modern releases?”

  1. Is there any catalogue , contain all your coins? With picture iff course.. so we can (at least) enjoy it..

  2. Wow!!!

    Great selection Blog Team, well done for organizing this very interesting line up of superb coins.

    If I had to choose just “two” designs to be struck as bullion and proof quality from gold, silver and platinum it would be the 2008 Kookaburra and 2011 Platypus.

    Platinum Platypus gets my vote as the best design. 🙂

    The Platinum Platypus has a un-cluttered, simple, well-laid-out design that is visually very appealing.
    The Kookaburra is also a simple yet striking image; the spider web and barbed wire detail is awesome.

    Kind regards

    Billy Black Smith

  3. I think you’re forgetting the 2006 Red-Back Spider, the Red Welsh Dragon and the Opal Series Koala. You guys rock!

    Blog Team

  4. I have looked all over the world, and, I must say that the Perth Mint makes the most beautiful coins that I have ever seen.

    Well done, folks. I have placed two ordres in two days, and I cannot wait to see what you will be releasing in the new year.

    I wish you all the best,


  5. Nice group however no mention of the 1991 1oz ‘The West Australian’ West Coast Eagles 1st team outside of Victoria to play in an AFL GF. In fact I can’t find any reference to them anywhere on the WWW. I have 2 of them and would be interested to know if they are collectible.

    Regards G


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