Nov 022012

Demand for the new square-shaped Summer coin is running red hot. Reaction to its launch on our website earlier this week has been amazing. It looks certain to be gone long before the arrival of Autumn!

Australian Square Coins

In Australia, square-shaped pennies and halfpennies were produced between 1919 and 1921 as part of a move towards a smaller and thus more cost-effective national coinage. But the experiment failed to get off the ground.

In tribute to the Kookaburra patterns, The Perth Mint issued 1/2oz Australian Kookaburra square-shaped silver coins between 2002 and 2005. The 2002 issue was Australia’s first ever legal tender square-shaped coin.

When Australia marked 50 years of television in 2006, our innovative ‘lenticular’ commemorative proved popular in the shape of an old-fashioned TV featuing Graham Kennedy, Playschool, Skippy, Countdown, The Movie Show and Hey Hey.

The arrival of Summer as part of our Australian Seasons Series follows in the rare but firmly established tradition of Australian square-shaped coins.


Nov 022012

Budgies, the most popular of all pet birds, live happily in the companionship of humans.

But in the wild, these tiny parrots seek each other out, often gathering in astonishing numbers in search of food and water.

This video captures one of the largest flocks of budgerigars ever seen in Australia’s outback. It’s a super swarm comprising millions of birds – a great green cloud pitching and wheeling in astounding gyrations above the grassland.

Coloured Budgerigar Coin

The second coin in our new Birds of Australia silver coin series celebrates these amazing Aussie natives. Affectionate feathered friends beloved in homes throughout the world, they’re also amazingly athletic acrobats who’ve survived arid Australian conditions for millions of years.

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Nov 012012

Here are our November releases celebrating the Year of the Snake. For a complete list of coins featuring this theme, click here.

  • 1 kilo, 1/2oz Silver Coloured Edition 1 kilo, 1/2oz Silver Coloured Edition
  • 1oz, 1/4oz, 1/10oz Gold Coloured Edition 1oz, 1/4oz, 1/10oz Gold Coloured Edition
  • 1/2oz Silver Baby Snake 1/2oz Silver Baby Snake
  • 1oz Silver Lunar Calendar Four-Coin Set 1oz Silver Lunar Calendar Four-Coin Set

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Nov 012012

Impressions of elegantly-patterned snowflakes and a locket brimming with gorgeous semi-precious gemstones adorn this Australian Christmas coin struck from 1oz of 99.9% pure silver in proof quality.

For your chance to win, simply rearrange the following letters to solve the anagram!

Clue: Among the world’s rarest gemstones, named for the Australian place in which it was found.

How to enter: Email your answer to Mark your reply or subject line ‘November 2012 Anagram Competition’ and include your name, telephone and membership number, or the Twitter username you use to follow @perthmint. Entries close by 30 November 2012. Eligible entrants will be included in the free draw and the winner will be notified by telephone or email. (T&Cs)

Last Month’s Winner: Congratulations Marcus Lebmeier of New South Wales.