Feb 042013

Did you notice that our gold and silver coin prices were reduced on 1 February? :).

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  6 Responses to “Coin prices reduced!”

  1. Always a nice surprise when you reach the checkout and it is less than advertised :))

  2. Yes, we notice your price reduction, but the reduction of $2.5 – $3 is way too little and will not change our collectors mind in going back to collect your numismatic coins.
    Perth Mint has ruined the whole market value with the kerfufle of maximum mintage issue. Your decision to mint more than what you promise in COA really destroy the numis market.

    Also, collectors have realised albeit a bit late that it is a very bad mistake to buy your numismatic coins which are priced way too high above spot value (Over 3x spot price), only to see the secondary market selling them way below issue price a couple months later.

    Seriously I don’t know what you can do to win back your numismatic collectors. Your packaging of numis coins are very boring compared to NZ mint. Maybe you have to lower the mintage & price a lot more in order to increase the value of collectible coins.

    • Thanks for your opinions Blue. The “maximum mintage issue” has been addressed with the formulation of a new mintage policy and this has been received positively. Regarding packaging, we were wondering what you thought of the new Land Down Under program’s Australia-shaped display cases?


      Blog Team

      • Dear Perth,

        I have to give u a little credit for your Land Down Under coin packaging but bear in mind that it is nothing new, just a little variation from the 2 year old packaging of rectangular rabbit 4 coin set. U have been recycling this packagin with Dragon & Snake rectangle set, Season coins, famous squares and now land under.

        As mentioned repeatedlly by many collectors, please learn closely from New Zealand Mint’s cool and interesting packaging.
        Look at their liquid filled packaging, coconut shaped Crab coin, star wars and submarine shaped packaging. I can go on and on about NZ mint creativity.

        I think it is time to reduce total mintage of coins and also perform radical pricing reduction. Ultimately value for cost and rarity of coins are key to rejuvenate numis collectors.

        The days of pricing $104 for 1oz of silver proof is way outdated.
        Let’s get it to around $80 per oz. Keep it close to 2-2.5x spot.

        • Hi Blue

          Thanks for your further comments. In actual fact our pricing strategy has not changed in many years. Today’s numismatic products reflect the rise in the price of raw metal plus rising costs associated with packaging, printing, manufacturing and quality systems and people.

          Kind regards

          Blog Team

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