Mar 062013

Described by UNESCO as “a masterpiece of 20th century architecture”, “a daring and visionary experiment”, “a great artistic monument and an icon”, the Sydney Opera House is the source of significant pride to every Australian. But how much do you really know about our globally recognised building?

Test your knowledge in this fun quiz celebrating the release of Sydney Opera House coins from our exciting new program – The Land Down Under.


  1. Once the site of a fort and then a tram depot, on what promontory is the Sydney Opera House built?
  2. Among 233 submissions from 32 countries, whose entry won the international competition for the design of Sydney’s new Opera House in 1957?
  3. Who formally opened the Opera House on 20 October 1973?
  4. The first public performance on 28 October 1973 featured which famous opera by Sergei Prokofiev?
  5. In what year was the Opera House inscribed in the World Heritage List for its cultural importance?
  6. Can you name the four core artistic companies resident at the Sydney Opera House?
  7. With seven primary performance venues in use nearly every day of the year, how many people do you think enjoyed live performances at the Opera House in 2011/12?

See below for answers.

[Answers: 1 – Bennelong Point.  2 – Danish architect Jørn Utzon.  3 – Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  4 – War and Peace.  5 – 2007.  6 – Sydney Symphony, Opera Australia, The Australian Ballet, Sydney Theatre Company.  7 – 1.36 million people.]



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