Mar 252013

Doctor Who holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s longest running science fiction television series. Produced in Great Britain by the BBC, the programme depicts the adventures of the Doctor, a Time Lord whose adventures take him through all of space and time.Dr-Who-silver-coin

He travels in his amazing TARDIS, a space-time machine which, due to a broken chameleon circuit is stuck in the form of a mid-twentieth century British police public call box. Dimensionally transcendental, the TARDIS is bigger on the inside than the outside!

A succession of companions have joined the Doctor on his travels helping him to right wrongs across the universe and confronting some of his most dangerous foes including the Daleks, Cybermen and Weeping Angels.

Forthcoming 1oz Silver Coin

The forthcoming coin depicts an engraved relief of the iconic TARDIS pulsing with energy as it bursts from a time vortex. The coins’ border features the finely engraved words DOCTOR WHO 50TH ANNIVERSARY 1963 – 2013.

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  3 Responses to “COMING JUNE 2013 – Doctor Who 50th Anniversary 2013 1oz Silver Proof Coin”

  1. How much is it but it looks supacalafragilisticexpialiduosious

  2. Since you guys have cornered the market by having the exclusive retail rights from the NZ MINT for this coin, can we expect huge gouging and over the top premium price for this? It was originally listed at NZ$155 so given PM’s track record of limiting sales and ever-increasing margins with numismatics are we to expect sub AU$200???


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