Apr 022013

Made from 99.99% pure gold, the anniversary release has been adorned in rose gold gilding.

With a mintage of just 150, this extremely rare 2oz gold proof coin presents an exclusive opportunity to celebrate the 175th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s coronation, which took place on 28 June 1838.

To mark the occasion, we’ve chosen to represent the famous ‘Young Head’ portrait of Victoria on the coin’s reverse. The Queen was especially fond of this image, which subsequently graced her coinage for 50 years (including gold coins made in Australia between 1871 and 1887).

It was created by outstanding medallist William Wyon, chief engraver at the Royal Mint. Wyon knew the Queen well having started producing likenesses of her as a 13-year old princess. “You always represent me favourably,” she is reported to have told him, while he is said to have found the Queen an excellent sitter.

Laser-scan of the original

Young_Head_scanThe Perth Mint’s die production department laser-scanned an English penny issued early in Victoria’s reign during the process of reproducing the much-loved effigy as accurately as possible.

On the resulting coin it is adorned with rose gold-plating, helping to create a stunning new interpretation that both artist and monarch would surely have found delightful.

Unboxing the 2oz Gold Proof Coin

In this video elaborate packaging comprising a foiled shipper, a protective box and a timber presentation case are opened to reveal the Queen Victoria 175th Anniversary of Coronation 2013 2oz Gold Proof Coin.



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  1. WOW! I love this coin and wish I knew about it before. It’s beautiful and truly represents fine artistry and craftsmanship.



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