Apr 032013


Just issued!

This year’s 1oz Australian Koala silver coin in card is the first to feature a vibrantly coloured background design.

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  28 Responses to “Carded Koala now in colour”

  1. Hi,
    What´s happening about Australian Koala 1oz Silver Coin specimen (carded).

    No news about when will be released the 2013 koala 1oz silver coin.

    • Hi Carlos

      The carded Koala release will feature a coloured treatment from this issue onwards.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

      • I don´t understand this decision.
        You could launch this new series but continue with the old one that just started at the begining.

        I expect that perthmint could think better on it and continue with it.

        You have launched a lot of kind of dragons coins and now you are changing the koala bullion carded coin to a koala coloured carded coin?

  2. Why are you no longer continuing the series of Specimen Carded Koala’s?

    This coloured Koala is a totally different coin and does not match the series?

    I have every issue of the carded Koala’s and I will not be continuing with this coin.

    Why does Perth always feel the need to screw with a good thing??? If it’s not broke don’t try to fix it!

    • Hi Carlos, J

      We apologise for disappointing you regarding the carded Koala product, however, this was not an arbitrary decision.

      We received strong feedback from customers saying they couldn’t see the added value of the carded coin and that they would like a stronger point of differentiation to distinguish it from the standard bullion release – which they could buy in capsule at a cheaper price anyway!

      The annual carded product is primarily aimed at gift buyers and after considering this client feedback we agreed that it would be appropriate to add colour to the coin for this sector.

      Hopefully you’ll find it useful to know that the change was influenced by the market.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  3. PM should make some cards available for collector to buy.

    “2013 Australian KOALA BU Silver Coin”

    else, carded koala lovers will stop buying for the next two years.

    the same thing was done by China mint on their past pandas, which later on were stopped.

  4. I’m not sure what customers you guys got “strong feedback” from but I totally disagree. I understand that you guys were calling them “specimen” yet they were identical to the bu coins being sold but the card actually did add value. They were extremely low mintage and now they are almost impossible to find for the early years. I am really disappointed with the decision to discontinue it. Really hope you guys talk it out and realize that there is demand for it. You don’t have to call it a specimen anymore but you can still release a silver koala (not coloured).

  5. This year’s 1oz Australian Koala silver coin in card is the first to feature a vibrantly coloured background design looks impressive

  6. Hi Blog team.

    Is the Australian Koala 2013 1oz Silver Coloured Coin in Cardgoing to be removed from sale today; I think it’s due? (03 April 2013 was the release I think)


    I see that it is still for sale even though the collector web site states:

    “The Australian Koala 2013 1oz Silver Coloured Coin is available on a mint-to-order basis, with the mintage declared 12 months after release”

    We look forward to the final mintage details.

    Kind regards

    Billy Black Smith

    • Hi Billy Black Smith

      Thanks for the question. Yes, the 2013 Koala 1oz coin on card has been withdrawn from sales and the mintage will be declared shortly.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  7. Thanks Blog team.

    Would it be possible for you guys at Perth to list all of the carded Koala coin mintages on their own pdf document, just as you do with the collector and bullion coins please?

    I absolutely love your carded Koala coins, they make great gifts as well as being fabulous to collect.

    I’ve got every carded Koala coin since their introduction in 2007 and fwiw, I like the mix of standard coins and the coloured coins.

    This years 2014 carded Koala is absolutely wonderful and a true piece of craftsman-ship when viewed in the hand.

    Thanks for continuing to bring collectors variety in the carded Koala coins.

    Kind regards

    Billy Black Smith

    • Thank you for your comments Billy Black Smith. It is great to hear of your enthusiasm for the carded Koalas 🙂 and we’ll certainly give your request serious consideration.


      Blog Team

  8. Hi Blog team.

    Just wondering if you guys have had time to provide a final mintage figure (Declared) for the “First-Ever” 2013 coloured Koala coin?

    The figure should be very interesting for this first coloured Koala.

    The previous carded Koala declared mintages are as follows:

    2007 3,060
    2008 4,601
    2009 6,292
    2010 2,752
    2011 11,865
    2012 2,315
    2013 TBA


    Kind regards

    Billy Black Smith

  9. Hi Blog team, hopefully this will be my last post on the 2013 coloured Koala coin.

    Could you please tell me why the coin is again up for sale on your collector web-site?

    Selling the coin again seems to contradict the terms / time period that these coins are available and the fact you have declared the coins mintage.

    Link to the 2013 coloured Koala as at 03 June 2014.


    Kind regards

    Billy Black Smith

    • Hi Billy Black Smith

      The last of our stock on hand is available for sale. This does not affect the Declared Mintage of 4,958 which is the total number of coins that will ever be struck.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  10. The coins are mint-to-order.

    You have 947 coins available on your collector web-site as at 04 June 2014 which is basically another 20% of your so called declared mintage.

    The coin was “unavailable” in Mid-April and May but now you have more coins!

    Please refer to your mintage policy that states:

    Relates to a coin which is minted in unlimited quantities within a stipulated period of time (eg 12 months from release). The total number of Mint-to-Order coins made in response to demand is declared after the manufacturing period has ended.

    *Blog team, I think you may have an anomaly.

    Folk who buy mint to order products expect the mint-to-order policy to be upheld.

    This could be another blow to the carded Koala coin series.

    Let’s please not have “another” mintage policy dispute because there’s been enough debate over the last 18 months.

    Having 20% of the mintage available for sale may indicate an over-sight on Perth’s behalf.

    Kind regards

    Billy Black Smith

    • Hi Billy Black Smith

      This is the result of a cancelled order, hence the coins were made available again on our website.

      Please be assured that all 4,958 coins were manufactured within the relevant manufacturing period.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

      • Blog team, thank you for the update.

        Could you please advise the market that the 2013 1oz coloured Koala is only available in the cards or have they also been released to the wholesale market in rolls of 20 (Coloured bullion)?

        Is there any chance, that in the future, Perth could number the carded Koala’s which imo would also make them even more collectable?

        Thanks again.

        Kind regards

        Billy Black Smith

        • Hi Billy Black Smith

          We can confirm that the Mint has not released 2013 1oz Coloured Koalas in Card to wholesale customers in tubes of 20.

          Thank you for your suggestion about numbered cards which is being considered.

          Kind regards

          Blog Team

          • Hi Blog Team,

            I want to support BBS opinion about the numbered presentation cards.
            That is a good old tradition in collecting presentation cards.

            AND hopefully you will offer from time to time the remarkable double Presentation Card again with Koala and Kooka on special occasions.
            That could be with the colored Koala coin and Kookaburra coin (bullion or better colored too). And this presentation card should be numbered!

            Hope it influences your next annual meeting 8or even earlier) in new product releases.

            Kind regards,

          • Hi Norbert,

            Thanks for your opinions which we have passed on to the product marketing team.

            Kind regards

            Blog Team

  11. Hi Blog Team,

    I want to raise a question about carded Koala from the very first beginning.
    On World Money Fair Berlin 2007 you have issud the very first 1oz carded Silver Koala in special WMF presentation card.
    One the card PM mentioned that no more than 2,500 of these coins will be released in this packaging during World Money Fair Berlin 2007.
    It is widespread that the final release of that 2007 Koala in the WMF packaging is 2,500. I havent seen any official confirmation on that.
    But i found a statement in SilverStackers here (http://forums.silverstackers.com/message-468495.html#p468495) saying it is only 1,180 carded 2007 Koalas. Maybe this question has raised earlier times already . But without a detailed search function here it is difficult or impossible to find your answer.
    Please let me know what is the correct figure.

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Norbert

      The correct figure for our 2007 Berlin Money Fair Carded Koala is 1,180. This quantity is included in the declared mintage of 137,768.

      Hope this clarifies your question,

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  12. Thank you very much.
    They are real scarces!!


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