May 082013

It is exactly 100 years since the issue of Australia’s first banknote. In conjunction with Australia Post, we’re delighted to mark this momentous event with a superb commemorative set including this stunning rectangular coin.

First_banknote100th Anniversary of Australia’s First Banknote
1oz Silver Proof Coin and Stamp Set

14 Interesting Banknote Facts

  1. Up to 1910, notes issued by the private banks and the Queensland Government circulate as Australia’s paper currency.
  2. The passing of the Australian Notes Act of 1910 assigns responsibility for the issue of banknotes to the Commonwealth Treasury.
  3. Treasury invites the public to submit designs for a unique Australian currency, but entries are judged to be unsuitable.
  4. In 1912, Englishman Thomas Samuel Harrison, who has extensive experience in the field of security printing, is appointed Australia’s first banknote printer.
  5. A new printing works is established in Kings Warehouse at the western end of Flinders Street in Melbourne.
  6. The first banknote of the Commonwealth of Australia is worth 10 shillings.
  7. Included on the note are depictions of the Australian Coat of Arms and the Goulburn Weir in Victoria.
  8. A ceremony to number the first batch takes place on 1 May 1913.
  9. Judith Denman, the five year-old daughter of Governor-General Lord Thomas Denman, prints the serial number M000001 on the initial note.
  10. Prime Minister, Andrew Fisher officially presents her with the note.
  11. It is discovered in the UK in Judith Denman’s belongings in 1999, 12 years after she passes away.
  12. The note returns to Australia when a collector purchases it for around $1 million.
  13. The note sells for a second time in 2008 for $1.9 million.
  14. The note is offered for sale in May 2013 (via Coinworks), 100 years after it was issued.
Can I see Australia’s first banknote?

If you are in Melbourne between 10 and 15 May, the historic note is on display at the World Stamp Expo 2013, Royal Exhibition Building.



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