May 242013

These exciting new coins, featuring ships from legend and literature, are available from today. Just 3,000 of each silver coin will be released.

Flying Dutchman


According to legend, the Flying Dutchman was doomed to sail the seas for eternity. Hovering above the water and wreathed in spectral light, she was a terrifying prospect that foreshadowed disaster to superstitious sailors.

So powerful was belief in the Flying Dutchman that King George V is said to have seen her while in the Royal Navy. Scientists suggest, however, that an apparent sighting was more likely a mirage that mariners mistook for the phantom ship.

After a stormy passage at sea, German composer Richard Wagner dedicated an opera to the Flying Dutchman (Der fliegende Holländer), based on the unfortunate tale of Vanderdecken. In the teeth of a howling gale, the dogged Captain swore he’d round the Cape of Good Hope even if it took him until Doomsday! (Buy now)



The Pequod and all but one of her crew were victims of Captain Ahab’s obsession to hunt and kill the white whale in Herman Melville’s literary classic, Moby Dick.

A nineteenth-century three-masted Nantucket whaler, the Pequod set sail on a three-year expedition bound for the Atlantic, Indian and South Pacific Oceans. A savage-looking vessel, she was decorated with the bones and teeth of sperm whales.

Ahab, who lost a leg in his previous encounter with Moby Dick, ultimately fails in his vengeful quest. During their final, ferocious battle, the whale with “the solid white buttress of his forehead smote the ship’s starboard bow”, condemning the Pequod to sink.

When Ahab launches a final harpoon towards his foe, he is entangled by its line and dragged under as Moby Dick dives beneath the waves. (Buy now)



  3 Responses to “NEW COINS Famous ships that never sailed”

  1. I have some questions. 1. Does your team ever think you are producing way too many collectibles? Perhaps you should move to a quarterly release, and really ramp up the excitement. I think you’re shooting yourselves in the foot by creating too much supply. As you know, the more supply, the more it cheapens the supply. 2. Cut your mint amounts! 3. Tell me the snake is the last dangerous and deadly series coin, and please, for the love of God, don’t come up with deadly and dangerous part II. You really want piss off collectors more then you already have, than at some point introduce a part 2 ! As for me, I’d be forever done being a collector of PM collectibles. About the only item I’d buy is bullion Lunar series…and I’m one who spends quite a bit on coins!!

    • Hi Bob

      Thanks for writing in – we certainly take on board your concerns. However, many of our collectors look forward to the variety of new releases offered each month and are happy to choose one or two favourite series a year to pursue.

      Some of our series are developed for overseas markets and a percentage of the mintage is pre-sold in these markets. Experience shows that if we don’t offer them for sale in Australia, some customers will be unhappy. It is our policy, therefore, to offer at least some of every Australian legal tender coin at home.

      These days we must also cater for ‘gift’ buyers, an increasingly important sector for mints and coin dealers worldwide, with a variety of suitably themed products.

      Please note that Deadly & Dangerous and Famous Ships That Never Sailed are examples of “commissioned products” we manufacture on behalf of third parties in the industry. We generally buy a small proportion of the mintage (no more than a few hundred) which we then advertise for sale as a commissioned product. This has been a popular decision given that most of these coins sell out.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

      • Thanks for responding. Makes sense. As far as the deadly series, I’m assuming this could continue to infinity? A little tongue in cheek, but if it is confusing I’m done. No more for me. Dealers aren’t even getting what the paid for the coin. What an abysmal failure! Okay some did great (1), others did okay (a few), and some plain sucked…you and the 3rd party need to know when to pull the plug…not every deadly is going to be a red back spider. Geesh!


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